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Using nature play to create
happier, healthier childhoods

Many parents struggle to get their kids outside

So we created a course, resources and community to make it easier to get
your kids out in nature and give them a happier, healthier childhood.


1. Unplug the family


2. Promote outdoor play


3. Get happier, healthier kids

They're little for such a short time.
Give them the gift of a magical childhood, filled with nature.

  • Are you and your kids struggling with this busy high-tech life?
  • Are you worried about your child’s physical and mental health because they’re inside so often?
  • Are you frustrated because you just don’t know how to get them outside?

It’s easy to let our busy, high-tech lives keep us away
from what’s really important.

Make it easier to get your kids outside.

Get your kids outside with these
7 simple strategies & printables.

Most kids have technology, school and
extra curricular activities covered.
It's time to add a pinch of adventure,
a sprinkle of sunshine
and a big handful of outdoor play.
Penny Whitehouse

Join a community that supports a
happier, healthier childhood for all our kids.

I love that I have found you and
thankful that you share your
ideas. Introducing kids to nature
is most definitely, without a
doubt, a love of mine.
Chantel, mother of one