Investigating InsectsLay a Sheet and Shake a Tree

A fun, simple activity that takes two minutes to prepare. Great for all ages. Click here to read more.




Learning about Scorpions

 Searching for Scorpions

Hunting for scorpions can be so much fun. Seriously! Read more…


How to make a TerrariumWildlife Themed Terrarium

You may not be able to afford a large set up with animals but you can make a fun little wildlife themed terrarium instead! Read more




zoos for kidsTen Tips to Improve your visit to the Zoo

Visiting the zoo is a wildlife-rich experience for children but believe it or not, there are simple ways you can improve your visit Read more…




predator plants

Explore Predator Plants

Do you remember from your childhood, those moments when something in nature captivated you? Perhaps it was the first time you saw a caterpillar munching away at a leaf or a rose plant covered in aphids. Well, children will be captivated by this next activity. Read more…



Wildlife Career InformationWildlife Career Information for Children and Teenagers

There’s a lot you can do to help you get a job in the zoo and wildlife industry. Read more…




antlion trap Hunting for Antlions

Hunting for antlions can be fascinating and by taking the time to watch them you can learn what they eat, how they capture their prey and how they make their trap. But best of all, you can hold them too! Read more…



elephant art kids

 Draw Animals from Image

Does your child love to draw animals? Have you encouraged your child to draw from an animal image?  Wildlife art isn’t just great fun but by taking the time to analyse a wildlife image first, you can learn a lot about the animals in it before you even put pencil to paper! Read more



exploring the beach20 Nature-related Beach Activities for the Whole Family

There are plenty of inspiring activities you can do at the beach to get you closer to nature. Are your favourite on the list? Read more




Free Animal Bookmarks

Free Animal Bookmarks

Download and print these animal bookmarks for your children. There’s a seal, lady beetle, koala and turtle. Read more




koalaandjoey Learn to Bellow like a Koala 

Today you will be provided with an opportunity not readily available on the internet…until now! How to bellow like a koala. I bet you’ve never googled that! This activity is a great way to get forward facing photos of koalas too! Read more…



worm farm Chicken vs. the Worm – Who will Win?

Deciding between getting worms or chickens? Read this first. I pitched them against each other in the pet stakes, which do you think came out on top? Read more… 




Make a vidoeMake a Wildlife Craft Video

Learn how to make a wildlife craft video. You can make it as creative as you want or stick to documenting a life cycle! Read more…




stop drinking from water bottlesThree Simple Ways Drinking Tap Water can Save Wildlife

Today I want to show you a way you can help wildlife and save money, with just one simple change. Don’t believe me? Here’s all you need to do… Read more.




How to build a bird HideHow to Build a Bird Hide 

If you live in more of a suburban to rural area and have birds a plenty or a regular wildlife visitor to your backyard, building a bird hide is a perfect activity for you and your family. Read more




beach and crab12 Things to take for a Wildlife-rich Holiday

Do you want your holiday to be filled with nature and wildlife galore? Bring along your keen eyes and the objects below and you’re bound to see more than you expected! Read more…




Wildlife photographyGive your Kids a Camera to get Closer to Nature

Giving your child a camera in a wildlife-rich environment (like a zoo or duck park) allows them to explore the wonders of nature around them, focus on animals they hadn’t noticed before and develops wildlife appreciation. Read more…




bat imageObserve a Bat Colony

Have you ever watched a bat colony? You can learn so much about them just by watching them for 30 minutes. Read more…




Ant Study The Ant Experiment

What food do ants like best? Do this experiment and find out. Free experiment template included. Read more…





Mealworms as Pets

It may appear that I’m suggesting you keep maggots as pets (mealworms do look quite similar) but mealworms are in fact quite different and a very educational companion animal.  Read more




How to safely Catch A spider

Catching a Spider: Catch and Release

I try to teach my children that every animal has a role to play and so when we stumble on any creatures, we usually take some time to look at and discuss it. This time though, we have to get a little more hands-on! Read more



Snail food

Keeping Garden Snails as Pets

Many of us automatically view snails as an annoying little pest that eats our veggie gardens but next time you see one, don’t get out the spray (or organic defences) just yet, snails make great pets for kids! Why keep snails?

Read more


Crickets as Pets

Keeping Crickets as Pets

Crickets always appear in a hurry, makes beautiful sounds that put you to sleep at night and they’re really fun to watch but there are plenty of other reasons why they make great pets. Read more



MossTen Benefits of bushwalking

Bush walking (and or hiking) is for all ages, from little babies that can be carried, toddlers who can walk and children and teens that can run! Could you guess the ten benefits of taking your children bushwalking? Read More



touching animalsAnimal Touch: Get more Hands-on this year!

So, parents, I have a challenge for you and your children this new year. I’d like you relish in one of the most important senses – touch. Go out of your way to touch an animal that you’ve wanted to touch for as long as you can remember. Read more…



Nature Christmas Garland

Nature Garland

This Christmas nature garland literally took me less than 20 minutes to make once I had collected the nature for it . Here’s how you can make one too. Read more




FishThe Benefit of Fish as Pets

There have been many studies on the positive benefits of children having pets. Find out how having fish as pets can help develop your child. Read more



Nature-Candle-CraftEasy Made Nature Candles

I’ve seen leaf candle jars before and I’ve seen how beautiful hole punched leaves look but I haven’t seen the two combined. Turns out its an easy to make and a stunning combination! Read more



More coming soon


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