Fort made with sticks

Stick-lets: Building with sticks just got easier!

This is a sponsored post I think you'd agree that every child should play with sticks, that every child should create with sticks and every child should build with sticks.  It's pretty easy to allow children to build with small sticks but it takes some decent rope-tying skills to build something … [Read More...]

DIY Leaf Heart -with a secret messgae

Give a Sewn Leaf Heart this Valentine’s Day

Here's a simple Valentine's gift idea made using only a few simple items you would already have around your home.  I've made three of them and will give one to each of my daughters on Valentine's day. I can't wait to see their faces and then watch them rip it apart to find a secret message inside. … [Read More...]

Barbie doll wings

DIY Butterfly Barbie Wings Printable

The Barbie dolls have been out of the toy box a lot lately, so it was time for another nature play Barbie project. Last time, we made nature clothes for Barbie by decorating a paper printable. While watching my daughters enjoying the activity I felt there was something missing - wings! There are … [Read More...]

Wood slice bracelet

DIY Crafts: Wood Slice Bracelet

With Valentine's day coming up, I thought it would be nice for my eldest daughter and I to make a special gift for her best friend. Our wood slice bracelet was born. It's much easier to make than … [Read More...]

Christmas Tree Nature Weave Craft

Nature Craft: Christmas Tree Weave

There were plenty of golden leaves littering the bush walk pathways last week and this week, some green ones have fallen too. It seems odd that green leaves fall to the ground. They don't look quite … [Read More...]

Snow play

Summer Snow Fight with Popcorn

I've been enviously fixated with images on Instagram that contain snow. I've devoured the stunning snow capped mountains,  longed to walk down those snow littered pathways and felt joy at the images … [Read More...]