Christmas Star Craft - Easy and so pretty!

Christmas Star Nature Weave

It's been a strange season. We're still in Spring and although we've had vibrant coloured flowers, juicy red strawberries and uncurling ferns we've also had hot, dry days and howling winds. It's caused a lot of golden leaves, that would usually be green and soaking in the gentle rays, to die and … [Read More...]


Macroinvertebrates: Exploring Waterbugs

It's been so dry and hot lately that the little trickling creek out the back of our house has gone silent and I can't even remember the last time I heard the chorus for Great Barred frogs from my bedroom window. Although I miss those sounds tremendously, the lack of them did make me wonder if  the … [Read More...]

Christmas Tree Nature Craft

Made with Nature – Christmas Tree Ornaments

  I'm excited to share another Made with Nature post with you but this time I'm getting festive. The inspiration for these Christmas Tree Ornaments came from Stars Inspirations. I couldn't wait to replicate Marta's sweet and simple Ribbon Christmas Tree ornaments. I was hoping my nature materials … [Read More...]

Be a Mother and Be Yourself

Be a Mother and Be Yourself

You know that feeling, when you just want to walk away from the half-made dinner and the filthy children in need of a bath and do one of those things you used to do before you had kids. Maybe you want … [Read More...]

Nature hut for kids

Make a Nature Shelter with your Kids

While on our camping trip with another family, we stayed on a stunningly spacious farm that held a few, magnificent pine forests. As soon as we drove past the long lines of tall, sturdy trees I knew I … [Read More...]

Playdough outside

Playing with Play Dough in Nature

I don't need to tell you how versatile play dough is. Most parents have experienced using it as a child and then let their children have the same chance to mold it and squeeze it through their fingers … [Read More...]