Bat Costume for Children

Make a Bat Wing Costume using an Umbrella

Do you need a bat costume before Halloween but can't sew? Perhaps you need to dress up as a bat for another occasion? These glorious membranous bat wings are cheap, look great and no-sew, so they are perfect for your costume-themed dress up party. I wrote this Bat Wing Umbrella Costume … [Read More...]

DIY pom pom

DIY Nature Pom Poms

We made nature pom poms today. I'm not sure why, I think it was because I wanted to see if it was possible. Plus, if it worked, I knew they'd look  great and they did! Make Nature Pom Poms: Long … [Read More...]

Gumnut games and activities

DIY Gumnut Bracelet Craft

It turns out that gumnuts are quite a versatile product for play. We've already painted them, used them for a sensory activity and then created a  fun shape activity with them. It's been so much … [Read More...]

Nature Craft for kids

Nature Superhero Masks

My kind of masked superhero wouldn't save the planet from bad people or street crime but they'd be right on top of big business polluters that impact negatively on the environment. Bring back Captain … [Read More...]

Stump Pen Pencil Holder

Wooden Stump Pen or Pencil Holder

I've seen these wooden stump pencil holders everywhere. I've seen them for sale in many educational stores and I've also seen a few images on Pinterest.  I couldn't help but make some for the girls … [Read More...]

terrarium Jewellery

DIY Terrarium Necklace Pendant

I've been making  nature accessories like our stunning leaf bracelet, hair facilitator and nature crowns for my kids for far too long. It's about time I made something for myself! I wanted … [Read More...]

Gumnut Rainbow

Rainbow Gumnut Play

I couldn't help but steal a whole heap of gumnuts from the tree our neighbors felled a couple of weeks back. At the time I wasn't sure what I was going to do with all of them but i'm starting to … [Read More...]