A pretty Leaf Bow

Made with Nature — Leaf Bow Hair Clips

I know I should be posting more nature crafts related to flowers because many of you are coming in to spring (although I'm now in Autumn) but the leaves are so inviting right now and I'm realising just how versatile they are. We've made leaf crowns,  leaf paper balls, created leaf shape art, sewn … [Read More...]

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

I wasn't prepared to see the Easter eggs at the shops already discounted. I had so many Easter Egg crafts planned but with a new job that's now five days a week, adjusting to a tighter routine has … [Read More...]

Fun with Playdough and Nature

Fun with Playdough and Nature

You may remember the very popular post I wrote with a similar title called Fun with Playdough and shells. That post was a hit because the twins gave me a brilliant idea to make a lifelike snail using … [Read More...]

Shape Play

Leaf Shape Play

I've had fun bringing learning into more of our nature crafting lately. Although my girls are fairly good with shapes, I decided it was a good idea to continue shape recognition activities with them. … [Read More...]

50 ways to play in the rain

50 Ways to Play in the Rain!

We've had so much rain lately. It's wonderful. I love how only a quick downpour transforms the nature around our house. It sometimes feels like we live in the middle of a rainforest with all those … [Read More...]