Playdough outside

Playing with Play Dough in Nature

I don't need to tell you how versatile play dough is. Most parents have experienced using it as a child and then let their children have the same chance to mold it and squeeze it through their fingers too. Have you taken play dough out in nature though? I hadn't thought about taking play dough … [Read More...]

Safety when running in nature

Tips to get you running alone in nature

I've never actively maintained an exercise routine, so after four months of running at least three days a week, I'm feeling good. Problem is, I run on a treadmill and I'm getting bored (no matter how much I love the Outlander series). This is what I see when I run. Do I want to see this when I … [Read More...]

DIY hair Feathers

DIY Feather Hair Extension Accessory

At the markets, we've seen feathers being added to the hair of people from all ages, both male and female. They are becoming a really popular hair accessory. They look so perfectly earthy I couldn't wait to try it on my three girls. All were very willing to let me experiment thankfully! Did you … [Read More...]

Spider Craft

Simple Spider Craft Idea

We like spiders, we don't even mind them in our house. Only the other day I had to remind Miss Panda that, yes we like spiders but that doesn't mean we should touch them. A momentary lapse of spider … [Read More...]

DIY pom pom

DIY Nature Pom Poms

We made nature pom poms today. I'm not sure why, I think it was because I wanted to see if it was possible. Plus, if it worked, I knew they'd look  great and they did! Make Nature Pom Poms: Long … [Read More...]