Mammal Activities for Children

Mammal activities and crafts that inspire learning, discovery, play and investigations. Free printables, activity ideas and more!

Halloween Flapping Bat Craft

Flapping Bat Craft

Make a bat that actually flaps its wings! It looks very real, it’s interactive but most importantly, i’s super fun! Read more


Kangaroo Puppet bKangaroo and Joey Puppet Play

Download a free Kangaroo and Joey Play set. Pretend play is so much fun! Read more…



koala imageLearn to Bellow like a Koala

So many children can moo like a cow, ssss like a snake and hoot like an owl but not many (if any) can bellow like a koala. Why not watch this video tutorial with your child and give it a go?! Click here to find out how.


Save the Tiger

 Saving Tigers with a Decorated Glass Jar

There’s many easy ways you can act for wildlife. Collecting loose change is just one way your children can take an active role to help save a species like the majestic tiger! Read more


Sense of Smell kidsAnimal Sense of Smell Game

We may not be on top of the best smellers list but we can still pretend like we are. Kids can have so much fun smelling what’s in the jar and guessing what animal would eat the food. Click here to read more.


Animal Hand artWildlife Hand Art

We came across some beautiful hand painting by Guido Daniele and couldn’t help but try our own. Check them out, his work is stunning! Click here to see this post.



bat imageBat Observation Activity

Have you ever watched a bat colony? You can learn so much about them just by watching them for 30 minutes. Read more…



Duck FootfrintsWildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Use these five footprint templates in five different ways. Read more…




Animal PuppetsAnimal Puppet Play 

Learning about wildlife through play so much fun. Print these these free Australian wildlife finger  puppets and get playing (free printable). To read and download the puppet printable click here.



wombat burrow at homeWombat Play in Five Learning Ways

When a child is interested in an animal, it’s an invitation for great learning and fun play! Take a look at our journey where we learnt about wombats through play. Read More


National Bilby Day ActivitiesTen Activities to Celebrate National Bilby Day

Share these ten bilby activities with your children to encourage awareness of the Bilby for National Bilby Day (free bilby mask printable). To download and read more click here.



phylomonPhylomon Vs. Pokemon

Pokémon was a hit with children all over the world. They fell in love with the out-of-this-world creatures and their connections with humans. There’s just one problem. Children know more about Pokémon creatures than our real wildlife species. Read more…



koala conservationKoala Activities for Save the Koala Month

Eight koala activities you can share with your children during Save the Koala Month in September. Read more…




Animal Movement Dice - Free PrintableWildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Jump, hop, slither and fly like an animal. Don’t forget the noises too! Have some fun finding your inner animal through this wildlife movement dice (free printable). Download and find out more here.



Animal Bean BagsHow to make Animal Bean Bags

This is a very basic template to help you make these Animal Bean bags for your children. It’s really simple. Decorate it with some buttons and viola, fun bean bags or even a heat pack for children – animal themed! Read more…



Basic Classification FunAnimal Classification Activities

Really fun ways to introduce animal classification to children! Read more…




Basic ClassificationFur Feather and Scale Activities

A nice number of fur, feather and scale activities for children. Animal body covering rubbings, collages and investigation. Read more…





More coming soon


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