Animal and Nature Activities for children


Looking at ArtKidsVisiting a Wildlife Art Gallery 

Visiting a wildlife Art Gallery or exhibition is a wonderful way to get your children out of the house and enjoying an activity they wouldn’t usually explore. Here’s some tips to get the most out of your visit. Read more…



Kangaroo Puppet bKangaroo and Joey Puppet Play

Download a free Kangaroo and Joey Play set. Pretend play is so much fun! Read more…



Recycle Puzzle Pieces made Animal

Craft with Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Don’t throw away those puzzles with missing pieces just yet.  Recycle them instead!  Use the remaining pieces in a craft activity by making them into different types of animals. It’s so easy to set up, yet it really challenges your child (and yourself) to think creatively. Read more…



Animal Sand PlayPainting Sand

Animal sand lay on three fun ways. Have you let your children play with sand before?



Egg Candling ActivityEgg Candling Activity

Many of us don’t have access to fertile eggs to let our children experience egg candling first hand (including me) so here’s a fun activity that imitates the real thing! Read more…



Climbing TreeTree Climbing School

Sometimes it’s not that easy for children to try something new if they are nervous about their surroundings or aren’t physically confident. If you let your child play in nature and add in some confident friends, that refusal to try may just change! Read more…



Animal Craft

Bumble Bee Craft

A instructional post on how to make a bumble bee using nature and a bit of paint. So easy and so much fun! Read more…



Free Butterfly MaskTen Top Butterfly Activities

If your child has been showing an interest in butterflies lately, why not extend on their interest with these ten top butterfly activities! Read more…



Nature accesories

Nature Hair Piece

These nature hair pieces are simple to make and you can try it with any leaf, gumnut and flower you find.  Read more…



DIY Coloured Sand in a BottleDIY Coloured Sand in Bottles

Make your own coloured sand and then fill little bottles to get beautiful patterns and stripes of colour. This Activity is an old favourite! Read more…



Animal Themed party Snail Scroll Snack

Want a fun, easy snack for the children. These snail scrolls were a hit! Read more…



Playing with MudMaking Mud Stew

Do you really need a mud kitchen to make mud stew. Nope, here’s all you need. Read more…



Bread Clip SnakeBread Clip Snake Craft

Need a craft to use up all those bread clips you’ve been saving. Read more…



Learning about Scorpions

 Searching for Scorpions

Hunting for scorpions can be so much fun. Seriously! Read more…



Playdough and Shell ActivityFun with Playdough and Shells

There’s so many wonderful things you can create using just playdough and shells. Read more…



Cutting Patterns in FeathersCutting Patterns in Feathers

A wonderful and easy craft to get children practicing their cutting skills and playing with nature at the same time! Read more…



 Making FossilsMaking Clay Fossils

Have you made fossils using clay yet? This is a fun activity that extends on just making fossils! Read more…



Wildlife Yoga

 Animal Yoga

 There’s nothing like a little bit of animal yoga in the bush to get you going in the morning or to relax some little bundles of energy! Read more…



 Painting with NaturePainting Patterns Using Nature

Have you painted with Nature? It’s easy to go outside and find some nature treasure that will create wonderful patterns and textures on a page. Sew what we used. Read more…




Painting making dots

Animal Dot Painting

This is such an easy and relaxing craft to do with your children. You only need a few items, most of which are readily available around your home.  Read more



Green Grocer Cicada

Making the Most out of Cicada Season

If it’s cicada season near you then there’s plenty of opportunities to explore these creatures with your children. Here’s some wonderful tips written by Sarah Higman from Kids Activities Delivered. Read more



Nature Bracelet

DIY Nature Bracelet

Coupling familiar shapes with stunning leaves from nature just works. This nature bracelet is quite easy to make and a child over five could do most steps on their own , with supervision. Read more



Christmas Star Candle

Easy Made Nature Jars

I’ve seen leaf candle jars before and I’ve seen how beautiful hole punched leaves look but I haven’t seen the two combined. Turns out it’s easy to DIY and a stunning combination! Read more



Dinosaur Gift Box

Dinosaur Gift Box Idea

What gift do you buy a child who loves dinosaurs? Well, there’s plenty of wonderful dinosaur gift ideas out there but I preferred to make my own funky dinosaur gift box and then fill it with dino goodies this year. You can make one just like it! Read more



Save the Tiger

 Saving Tigers with a Decorated Glass Jar

There’s many easy ways you can act for wildlife. Collecting loose change is just one way your children can take an active role to help save a species like the majestic tiger! Read more



Nature Christmas Garland

Christmas Nature Garland

This Christmas nature garland literally took me less than 20 minutes to make once I had collected the nature for it . Here’s how you can make one too. Read more




 Invitation to Play with Nature

I’ve been collecting lots of nature’s bits and pieces and it was time to put them to good use. Have you provided an invitation to play with nature lately? Read more



Crickets as Pets

Keeping Crickets as Pets

Crickets always appear in a hurry, makes beautiful sounds that put you to sleep at night and they’re really fun to watch but there are plenty of other reasons why they make great pets. Read more



Nature's Glitter - biodegradable, fragrant and fun

Nature’s Glitter

I didn’t have to look far to find biodegradable glitter. I found alternatives that look beautiful, are vibrant in colours, smell great,  bio degrade in a very short amount of time and are an excellent replacement for the real thing very close to home!  Read more



Animal Habitats

Sorting Animals into Habitats

A fun sorting activity to help build understanding of animal habitats. Arboreal, Terrestrial and Aquatic animals are covered. Read More



Halloween Flapping Bat Craft

Flapping Bat Craft

Make a bat that actually flaps its wings! It looks very real, it’s interactive but most importantly, it’s super fun! Read more


Measuring Leaves Fun Ways to Measure Nature

I like to try to include nature in the process of learning. It’s a great excuse to get the children outside and I genuinely feel they retain more information when they learn out of doors. Make learning math fun! Read more

 Halloween-Icecream-DessertSpider Dessert Decorations

Here’s an easy way to make spider dessert decorations and as you’ll see below, they can be used in a variety of ways. Read more



 Bandicoot tracksMake an Animal Track Plot

Making an animal track plot is a really exciting way to get outdoors, find out about what creatures live near you and to learn animal tracking skills. Read more


 Spider Web CraftMake a Spider Web using Nature

It’s lovely to make crafts out of nature. That’s exactly what we did. Learn how to make this nature spider web too! Read more




Printable Dino Masks

 Dinosaur Mask Printables

Three popular dinosaur masks to choose from. A tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus . Get into some prehistoric play with your little ones! Read more



Nature Crowns

 Easy made Nature Crowns

Using nature in craft is one of our favourite activities.  Who needs pom poms and felt, when you can have leaves, gumnuts and bark! See how these gorgeous nature crowns were made. Read more




Mealworms as Pets

It may appear that I’m suggesting you keep maggots as pets (mealworms do look quite similar) but mealworms are in fact quite different and a very educational companion animal.  Read more



Toddler animal art

Turn Paintings into Wildlife Art

If your children are anything like mine, then you probably have heaps of artwork hanging around the house. What do you do with all those toddler paintings though? You make wildlife art! Read more



Kids playing vet

Vet Play: Free Printable Resources 

Children seem naturally drawn to helping animals. I always see their caring nature show through when telling  a story about an injured animal who came through our wildlife hospital at work.  Continue that connection at home by playing vet. Free printable resources available. Read more



Nature Seed Pods

 Painting Seed Pods

We love nature craft. Do you? Find some pods and get painting! Read more



Bush walk activity

Go for a Forest Picnic

Do you sit at home and wonder ‘what will do as a  family this week?’  Why not go for a forest walk this week? Here some tips on a lovely morning or afternoon out in nature with the family. Read more



Colour with Nature!

 Colour with Nature- Free Animal Templates

Put those colouring pencils down! Today you’ll colour with nature instead! Free printable animal templates to get you started colouring with nature. Read more



How to safely Catch A spider

Catching a Spider: Catch and Release

I try to teach my children that every animal has a role to play and so when we stumble on any creatures, we usually take some time to look at and discuss it. This time though, we have to get a little more hands-on! Read more



Keeping Garden Snails as Pets

Keeping Garden Snails as Pets

Many of us automatically view snails as an annoying little pest that eats our veggie gardens but next time you see one, don’t get out the spray (or organic defenses) just yet, snails make great pets for kids! Why keep snails? Read more



magnifying GLASS FOR KIDS

Backpack Essentials for Little Explorers

It doesn’t take much to encourage our children’s curiosity in nature and wildlife.  There are, of course, ways to enhance those curiosities and adding some mostly inexpensive tools to their backpack will help them to get closer to nature and make exciting wildlife discoveries. What’s the essentials? Read more

Finding cloud Animals

Finding Animals in Clouds

Cloud watching can take five minutes, be done almost anywhere where the sky can be seen and you have right cloud cover and is a great way to use your imagination in nature. Read more



Fruit Animals

Create Fruit Animals

Do you need a simple activity that will not only be fun and creative but also fill your kid’s tummies with healthy food? Read more



 Toilet Roll AnimalsToilet Roll Animals

The recycled toilet rolls in our craft bin had been piling up since the twins started toilet training and if I didn’t do something soon, we would be overrun, swimming in a playroom of faintly ocean fresh-scented cardboard rolls.  We made nine of them. See them here 



dewy grass faun

Make Animal Prints in the Dewy Grass

Get up early and make animal prints in the dewy grass. Some examples included. Read more



eggs layer and not egg layers

 Learning about Egg Layers 

This is a fun egg hunting activity that teaches children about animals that lay eggs and animals that don’t. You can use if any time or keep it for Easter! Read more



wildlife art

 Draw Animals from Images

Does your child love to draw animals? Have you encouraged your child to draw from an animal image?  Wildlife art isn’t just great fun but by taking the time to analyse a wildlife image first, you can learn a lot about the animals in it before you even put pencil to paper! Read more
exploring the beach

 20 Nature-related Beach Activities for the Whole Family

There are plenty of inspiring activities you can do at the beach to get you closer to nature. Are your favourite on the list? Read more



Free Animal Bookmarks

Free Animal Bookmarks for Kids

Download and print these animal bookmarks for your children. There’s a seal, lady beetle, koala and turtle. Read more


 cardboard box craft nestMake a Bird Nest out of Recycled Materials

Making a life-sized nest out of recycled materials, doesn’t just lend itself to a crafty afternoon but it also stimulates learning through play at its best! Read more


 animal school lunch boxAnimal Quiz fun for the lunch box

A fortnightly list of questions that add a bit of animal fun to your child’s lunch box. Read more


 five senses activityAnimal Taste Game

Have you ever blind folded your child and let them guess food by using only their taste buds? Here’s a new twist. Can your child taste the food and guess the animal it’s associated with? Read more


 How to make a TerrariumWildlife Themed Terrarium

You may not be able to afford a large set up with animals but you can make a fun little wildlife themed terrarium instead! Read more



 Tiger feet DIYEasy Made Animal Feet

If you’ve ever wanted to give sewing a go, making these animal feet slippers are a nice easy project for you to try. They also encourage animal play in the cutest kind of way! For instructions read more


 Children helping AnimalsDo you let your Children Act for Wildlife?

If, during play time, your child expresses a desire to help an endangered species, remember that children can inspire great action if given the opportunity! Read more


 FishThe Benefit of Fish as Pets

There have been many studies on the positive benefits of children having pets. Find out how having fish as pets can help develop your child. Read more



 Dino Grass HeadAnimal Grass Heads

A fun twist on an old favourite. Here’s how to make a caterpillar, echidna/hedgehog and a dinosaur! Read more


 Children in NatureTen Benefits of Taking your Children Bushwalking

Bush walking (and or hiking) is for all ages, from little babies that can be carried, toddlers who can walk and children and teens that can run! Could you guess the ten benefits of taking your children bushwalking? Read More

 Wombat Printable MaskWombat Play in Five Learning Ways

When a child is interested in an animal, it’s an invitation for great learning and fun play! Take a look at our journey where we learnt about wombats through play. Read More



Animal Fun with Paper StrawsAnimal Straw Party Printable - Shark, warthog and snake

Just for fun or a special occasion, these add on for paper straws makes for more dramatic drinking. They come as a printable with shark, warthog, snake and lion. Read More



animal themed foodAnimal Pastry Pies

Add a little animal fun to your food by adding animal shaped fun to the tops. See how to make these pies by clicking here


 zoos for kidsTen Tips to Improve your visit to the Zoo

Visiting the zoo is a wildlife-rich experience for children but believe it or not, there are simple ways you can improve your visit Read more…



predator plants

Explore Predator Plants

Do you remember from your childhood, those moments when something in nature captivated you? Perhaps it was the first time you saw a caterpillar munching away at a leaf or a rose plant covered in aphids.  Well, children will be captivated by this next activity.  Read more…


 touching animalsAnimal Touch: Get more Hands-on this year!

So, parents, I have a challenge for you and your children this new year. I’d like you relish in one of the most important senses – touch.  Go out of your way to touch an animal that you’ve wanted to touch for as long as you can remember. Read more…

 animal-play-dough-playAnimal Play Dough Play

When the children are bored this holiday season, consider making play dough and then crafting it into animals.  Pair your creative play dough critters with play activities afterwards, and you’ll provide a good hour or two of occupied fun! Read more…



How to build a bird HideHow to Build a Bird Hide

If you live in more of a suburban to rural area and have birds a plenty or a regular wildlife visitor to your backyard, building a bird hide is a perfect activity for you and your family. Read more



beach and crab12 Things to take for a Wildlife-rich Holiday

Do you want your holiday to be filled with nature and wildlife galore?  Bring along your keen eyes and the objects below and you’re bound to see more than you expected! Read more…


 boo and the big stormBoo and the Big Storm (Book review)

There’s something about big, beautiful, innocent eyes that makes me go all gooey inside, and the book I laid eyes on last week made me do just that! Read more…



Animal and wildlife rice activity Magic Wildlife Rice

This magical rice play is so easy to do, you’ll love it! All you need is some coloured rice and a glue stick and your ready to go! Read more…




 Easy DIY Animal Bean Bags How to make Animal Bean Bags

This is a very basic template to help you make these Animal Bean bags for your children. It’s really simple. Decorate it with some buttons and viola, fun bean bags or even a heat pack for children – animal themed! Read more…


 Make a vidoe Make a Wildlife Video

Bring your home-made craft to life by making a wildlife video. This tutorial tells you how to do it and you can see our finished butterfly life cycle video too! Read more…




 Basic Classification FunBasic Animal Classification Activities

Really fun ways to introduce animal classification to children! Read more…




 Fur Feathers Scales body coverings activityFur Feather and Scale Activities

A nice number of fur, feather and scale activities for children. Animal body covering rubbings, collages and investigation. Read more…



 Snake safety for childrenTeach your Child to be Snake Safe

This is a play-based and snake friendly way to help teach your children to be snake safe. Don’t scare your children to keep them safe, play with them instead! Read more…


 wildlife tourGive your Kids a Camera to ger Closer to Nature

Giving your child a camera in a wildlife-rich environment (like a zoo or duck park) allows them to explore the wonders of nature around them, focus on animals they hadn’t noticed  before and develops wildlife appreciation. Read more…



Builwildlife website gamed Your Wild Self

This website will engage children in a land of make-believe, allowing them to become a new kind of wild creature by adding their different animal features to a boy or girl body (website review). Read more…


 koala conservationKoala Activities for Save the Koala Month

Eight koala activities you can share with your children during Save the Koala Month in September.  Read more… 


 recycle CDs turtleRecycled CD Critters 

Recycle old CDs into beautiful wildlife garden/decoration hangers. Read more…



antlion trapHunting for Antlions

Hunting for antlions can be fascinating and by taking the time to watch them you can learn what they eat, how they capture their prey and how they make their trap. But best of all, you can hold them too! Read more…


Animal Movement Dice - Free PrintableWildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Jump, hop, slither and fly like an animal. Don’t forget the noises too! Have some fun finding your inner animal through this wildlife movement dice (free printable). Download and find out more here.


 animal pikletsWildlife Pikelets

Great for recognising animal shapes, a nice afternoon tea or party idea plus kids love them! Read more about how to make them here.



Feeding Ducks breadNo Bread! Feed Ducks Gourmet Duck Food Instead

Many people don’t know that feeding bread to ducks is bad for them. Try this healthy recipe instead! Click here to read more.



spider web obstacle course

How to Make a Spider Web Obstacle Course

Step by step instructions to make your very own spider web obstacle course. Read more…



Visiting the MuseumVisiting the Museum

Museums are no longer dead boring with interactive displays becoming more common. Have a look at what we did at our museum. Read more…



Investigating InsectsLay a Sheet and Shake a Tree

A fun, simple activity that takes two minutes to prepare but leaves you with an afternoon of bug discovery. Great for all ages. Click here to read more


worm farmChicken Vs the Worm: Worm Farming

Deciding between getting worms or chickens? Read this first. I pitched them against each other in the pet stakes, which do you think came out on top? Find out more by clicking here!



Cave activities for kidsSeven Homely Ways to have Fun with Wildlife Caves

Sometimes it’s not easy to get out into a wildlife habitat when a child’s interest is piqued. There’s always great alternatives. This is one of these moments where a cave exploration was too hard, unless we did it from home! Read more…



Dinosaur ActivitiesTop Ten Dinosaur Activities 4 Kids

Toddlers love dinosaurs and having a whole bunch of dino activities up your sleeve is essential.  Make dinosaur fossils, play with dinosaurs and get into some paleontologist play! Click here to read more.

 Snake CraftEight Great Ways to Appreciate Snakes

It’s starting to warm up here in Australia and that means that snakes are becoming more active. Don’t all shudder when I say that! I love snakes and believe they are very misunderstood creatures. Here’s what you can do to appreciate snakes. Read more…



Attracting mothsAttracting Moths 

Many parents will point out a colourful butterfly flitting past on its daily pollination rounds, but moths often fly by unnoticed. Why not attract some moths and see how amazing they can really be? Click here to read more.

 Wildlife SongsTop Wildlife Songs 4 Kids

This is a list of some wonderful wildlife Songs. Watch and sing along to them, they may just become your favourites! Are yours on the list? Click here to find out.



Animal Finger PuppetsAnimal Puppet Play 

Learning about wildlife through play is so much fun. Print out these free Australian finger puppets (free printable) and get playing! To read and download the puppet printable click here.



Glow Worm Snares[1]Glow worms

Visiting a glow worm cave is a fascinating experience. Firstly, it allows children to get up-close to the little larvae and see them in proportion (I honesty thought they were the size of an earthworm); it encourages wonderful scientific discussions about their glowing butt and it allows children to experience an unusual type of wildlife species. Read more…

 Sense of Smell kidsAnimal Sense of Smell Game

We may not be on top of the best smellers list but we can still pretend like we are. Kids can have so much fun smelling what’s in the jar and guessing what animal would eat the food. Click here to read more.



koala imageLearn to Bellow like a Koala

So many children can moo like a cow, ssss like a snake and hoot like an owl but not many (if any) can bellow like a koala. Why not watch this video tutorial with your child and give it a go?! Click here to find out how.



Animal Hand artWildlife Hand Art

We came across some beautiful hand painting by Guido Daniele and couldn’t help but try our own. Check them out, his work is stunning! Click here to see this post.


 bug collageMinibeats: Ten Bugs, One Tree

A little creature reminded me to tell you to look at the bark of a tree for signs of life. Here you will find creatures galore and learning aplenty. Read more…


under water ocean craftThere’s a Sea in my Playroom

Sometimes even TV time can start a month-long process of planning, creating and pretending. We had so much fun creating our underwater land. There were mermaid too! Read more…



 Raising Tadpoles into Fine Young FrogsRaising Tadpoles into Fine Young Frogs

Learning about amphibians is so interesting. Watching them transform in front of your eyes is even better. Read more…



Have you kept Sea Monkeys as pets?The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys

Find out what we thought about Amazing Live Sea Monkeys. Read more…



Fox_and_Fine_Feathers Book Review – Fox and Fine Feathers

I beautiful book with stunning illustrations that camouflage the wildlife. Read more…



Frog FootprintsWildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Use these five footprint templates in five different ways. Click here to read more.



phylomonPhylomon Vs. Pokemon

Pokémon was a hit with children all over the world. They fell in love with the out-of-this-world creatures and their connections with humans. There’s just one problem. Children know more about Pokémon creatures than our real wildlife species. Read more…

 Bilby Mask pbTen Activities to Celebrate National Bilby Day

Share these ten bilby activities with your children to encourage awareness of the Bilby for National Bilby Day ( free bilby mask printable). To download and read more click here.

 Free Frog Mask PrintableFrog Mask Printable

Download this frog mask and hop about the place. Children love acting like frogs. Read more…



Ant StudyCement Scavengers: The Ant Experiment

What food do ants like best? Do this experiment and find out. Free experiment template included. Read more…



camping with kidsCamping to get Closer to Nature

Imagine the wildlife you see when you go camping! Going camping get you and your family close to nature and close to wildlife. Read more…



dead sea turtle beach

Why I showed my Four Year Old a Dead  Sea Turtle

Nearing World Animal Day, we couldn’t have had a more stunning wildlife experience during our holiday on Moreton Bay.  But while out exploring wildlife, we came across a sight that was sad and startling for Miss Possum and I didn’t shield her eyes but instead helped to open them. Read more…



make frog eggsFrog Egg Craft

Who would have thought you could have so much fun with bubbles! Read more…



bat imageBat Observation Activity

Have you ever watched a bat colony? You can learn so much about them just by watching them for 30 minutes. Read more…



BilbySwap the Bunny for the Bilby this Easter

You read right. This Easter, swap that little white ball of fluff and insert the dull grey rodent-like marsupial with its sharp teeth that rips apart flesh. Sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of, right? Read more…



 Fear of Animal TipsMy Child has a Fear of Birds

A child of a wildlife education officer has a fear of birds. Laughable right? Well it happened and this is how we minimised the fear. Read more…



Wildlife Career InformationWildlife Career Information for Children and Teenagers

What can you do to help your child get into a job with wildlife? Read more…



More coming soon


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