Save the Environment Poster

Environment Poster

I love reading articles that help me become the green-living person I aim to be.  I want to keep a healthy environment  for my children but when I look at the road ahead my passionate personality can get completely overwhelmed until I switch off.  I really don’t want to switch off, I want to make […]

Ten Top Butterfly Activities

Free Butterfly Mask

If your child has been showing an interest in butterflies lately, why not extend on their interest with these ten top butterfly activities! 1.  Learn about Butterflies Start your butterfly journey by learning all about them. Check out these great websites: Butterfly Website for Kids The Butterfly Website We’re learning about the endangered Richmond Birdwing […]

The Wildlife Rescue Kit for every Car!

Wildlife Rescue Kit for Every Care

I was driving  to a friend’s place late one evening, enjoying the empty roads that night driving brings when from the corner of my eye I notice a possum running full speed toward my car. He was so close that I didn’t have time to slow down. After feeling a slight tap on the wheels […]

Helping Save Tigers with a Decorated Jar

Save the Tiger

On a visit to Dreamworld last week, high on the list of activities to achieve was visiting  the tigers. Miss Possum, Panda and  Platypus had never seen a real tiger before and it was wonderful to give them the experience and to see their reaction. It was only a few days after the visit that […]

The Queensland Plan: A Nature-based Education Culture?


 Sponsored by Nuffnang Usually my posts are about activities you can do at home with your own children, because this is the easiest place for each of us to make a difference when it comes to raising environmentally conscious youngsters, but there’s no denying we need change on a broader scale if the next generation […]

Act for Orangtuans: Action Postcards for Kids

Helping Orangutans

I was made aware of the plight of orangutans a couple of years go whilst on a wildlife education conference at Melbourne Zoo. They were inspiring their visitors to act for orangutans with their Palm it Off campaign and during that visit I connected with those beautiful animals and learnt a lot about how I […]

Do you let your Children Act for Wildlife?

wildlife conservation

If, during play time, your child expresses a desire to help an endangered species, remember that children can inspire great action if given the opportunity. Last week Miss Possum and I were playing wombats and whilst learning about their burrows, Miss Possum spied a picture of Australia. She pointed to a small shaded area in […]

Eight Great ways to Appreciate Snakes

Snake Craft

It’s starting to warm up here in Australia and that means that snakes are becoming more active. Don’t all shudder when I say that! I love snakes and believe they are very misunderstood creatures. We have the top ten most venomous snakes in Australia, and although they all play an important role in the environment, […]

Why I Let My Four Year Old See a Dead Sea Turtle

turtle conservation kids

Nearing World Animal Day, we couldn’t have had a more stunning wildlife experience during our holiday on Moreton Bay. We touched star fish, saw sea birds’ aplenty, fed dolphins, and watched a dugong and a wild turtle up-close. But while out exploring wildlife, we came across a sight that was sad and startling for Miss Possum and I didn’t […]

8 Activities for Save the Koala Month

koala conservation

I have a confession to make. When I was ten years old I didn’t like koalas. Nope, not even a little bit. I thought they got all the attention and the platypus (my favourite animal at the time) was always left in their shadow. Ironically, my first job was as a koala handler and my […]