Bird Activities for Children

Bird activities and crafts that inspire learning, discovery, play and investigations. Free printables, activity ideas and more!

How to build a bird HideHow to Build a Bird Hide

If you live in more of a suburban to rural area and have birds a plenty or a regular wildlife visitor to your backyard, building a bird hide is a perfect activity for you and your family. Read more




cardboard box craft nestMake a Bird Nest out of Recycled Materials

Making a life-sized nest out of recycled materials, doesn’t just lend itself to a crafty afternoon but it also stimulates learning through play at its best! Read more



Fear of Animal TipsMy Child has a Fear of Birds

A child of a wildlife education officer has a fear of birds. Laughable right? Well it happened and this is how we minimised the fear. Read more…



Animal Bean BagsHow to make Animal Bean Bags

This is a very basic template to help you make these Animal Bean bags (including the owl) for your children. It’s really simple. Decorate it with some buttons and viola, fun bean bags or even a heat pack for children – animal themed! Read more…



Basic Classification FunAnimal Classification Activities

Really fun ways to introduce animal classification to children. Learn how to classify birds! Read more…




Basic ClassificationFur Feather and Scale Activities

A nice number of fur, feather and scale activities for children. Animal body covering rubbings, collages and investigation. A great activity for relating it to birds because feathers are so readily available!  Read more…




wildlife tourGive your Kids a Camera to ger Closer to Nature

Giving your child a camera in a wildlife-rich environment (like a zoo or duck park) allows them to explore the wonders of nature around them, focus on animals they hadn’t noticed before and develops wildlife appreciation. Read more…




Animal PuppetsAnimal Puppet Play 

Learning about wildlife through play is so much fun. Print these free Australian wildlife finger puppets and get playing (free printable). To read and download the puppet printable click here.




Feeding Ducks breadNo Bread! Feed Ducks Gourmet Duck Food Instead

Many people don’t know that feeding bread to ducks is bad for them. Try this healthy recipe instead! Click here to read more.




swan photoTo Feed or Not to Feed, that is the Question

Should you be feeding wildlife? This post sums the positive and negative aspects of the feeding wild animals. Read more…




Animal Movement Dice - Free PrintableWildlife Movement Dice: Draw out your Inner Animal

Jump, hop, slither and fly like an animal. Don’t forget the noises too! Have some fun finding your inner animal through this wildlife movement dice (free printable). Download and find out more here.




boo and the big stormBoo and the Big Storm (Book review)

There’s something about big, beautiful, innocent eyes that makes me go all gooey inside, and the book I laid eyes on last week made me do just that! Read more…




Fox_and_Fine_FeathersBook Review – Fox and Fine Feathers

I beautiful book with stunning illustrations that camouflage the wildlife. Read more…



More coming soon

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