Nature Craft: Sewing patterns on Leaves

Mother Natured Sewing Patterns on Leaves

I can’t help but use nature to teach my child a new skill. So, when my eldest was showing interest in learning to sew, I didn’t pick up some felt or cloth to show her, oh no, I picked up a leaf. You see, teaching with items from the outdoors comes so naturally to me […]

Wood Shaving Crafts

Wood Shaving Crafts for Kids

You might have sharpened a pencil and, without a thought, thrown those pencil shavings in the bin. Or perhaps, like me,  you and your children were sharpening sticks the other day and you thought that the shavings would make perfect tinder for a fire. Before you throw away or burn your shavings, consider using them […]

DIY & Ready Made Natural Home Office Decor Ideas

Nature Home Office Decor Ideas

This post contains some affiliate links I’ve finally setup my home office space. Except, there’s one crucial element missing, nature!  I can’t imagine not having some of nature’s natural textures on and around my desk. Something living is also a must. So, I’ve been searching the web for DIY nature home office decor ideas. Considering I’m […]

Painting and Writing with Sharpened Sticks

Painting and Writing with Sharpened Sticks

Have you ever used a sharpener to sharpen sticks? The idea popped into my head the other day and I ran out into our garden to try it with a stick that was of similar thickness to a pencil. It sharpened remarkably well and I thought sharp sticks would make a fun addition to our nature […]

Nature Craft Collage: Boy and Girl Head Printable

Grass Head Nature Craft Printable

It may not be Spring for us in Australia but so many flowers bloom at different times of the year that this nature craft printable can be used all year round. Many of you are just coming into Spring after a long, cold winter so I thought it would be nice to provide you with […]

Made with Nature — Leaf Bow Hair Clips

A pretty Leaf Bow

I know I should be posting more nature crafts related to flowers because many of you are coming in to spring (although I’m now in Autumn) but the leaves are so inviting right now and I’m realising just how versatile they are. We’ve made leaf crowns,  leaf paper balls, created leaf shape art, sewn leaf […]

DIY Succulent Planter Pots made using a Branch

DIY Wooden Branch Planter pots

I was making some craft items for the kid’s play area I’m responsible for in my new job when I stumbled on an idea to make a mini planter pot using a thick branch. Luckily I had the perfect branch to use, with rich natural patterns on the exterior of the wood. I used this […]

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

I wasn’t prepared to see the Easter eggs at the shops already discounted. I had so many Easter Egg crafts planned but with a new job that’s now five days a week, adjusting to a tighter routine has certainly taken a decent cut of my time. Still, I always says it’s the simple activities that I […]

Tree Printable: Learning Numbers with Natural Materials

Learning with Natural Materials

Do your preschoolers love to play school at the moment? Mine do and I’m jumping on their enthusiasm for learning.  This simple activity encourages the use of natural materials that will engage your child, yet teach them some important number foundations before they get to school. This tree printable should be used with a variety of natural […]

Fun with Playdough and Nature

Fun with Playdough and Nature

You may remember the very popular post I wrote with a similar title called Fun with Playdough and shells. That post was a hit because the twins gave me a brilliant idea to make a lifelike snail using playdough and a snail shell. This time we’ve been bringing nature to our playdough play and there’s […]