Leaf Shape Play

Shape Play

I’ve had fun bringing learning into more of our nature crafting lately. Although my girls are fairly good with shapes, I decided it was a good idea to continue shape recognition activities with them. This activity was simple to set up and they really enjoyed it. The twins mainly moved the shapes around the paper […]

Think of YUU when you’re out and about

going for a picnic

This is a sponsored post. We do a lot of park day trips in our family. The house is a nice place to rest but we’d much rather be out of doors exploring the surrounds. Problem is, with three children it takes a bit of preparation, especially when it’s just the kids and I. It’s […]

50 Ways to Play in the Rain!

50 ways to play in the rain

We’ve had so much rain lately. It’s wonderful. I love how only a quick downpour transforms the nature around our house. It sometimes feels like we live in the middle of a rainforest with all those vibrant greens popping off the foliage. Many of us stay indoors when it’s raining, but as you’ll see, there […]

The Artful Year — Crafting Seasonally

The Artful Year

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well, now that you mention it, yes, they totally do!  This particular ‘good thing’ came in the post, over a week after I’d expected it. What’s the deal, Australia Post?’ I was so relieved and so thrilled when the package finally arrived that I jumped about the […]

Reptile Door Hangers for Kids

Door hangers for Kids

I’ve made quite a few printables in my time, you can see them all here. My children have enjoyed all of them but these reptile door hangers have been especially popular for my eldest, who’s getting more independent and needs more frequent alone time from her twin sisters.  I didn’t realise how much she needed […]

DIY Paper Balls using Nature

DIY Paper Balls made with nature

Time for a nature craft challenge. It’s the first I’ve posted this year, which is crazy because I have quite a few ready to share. It seems I’m now addicted to this challenge, who saw that coming!? My challenge today was to make this gorgeous paper ball I found on Pinterest. Here’s the link if […]

Pebble Discovery Bottle for Early Literacy

Literacy discovery Bottle with Pebbles

It’s Miss E and J’s last year at home with me and I’m trying to enjoy moments with them everyday, as well as prepare them for school emotionally and educationally. I gave my eldest that advantage (she could read before she went to school) so I want to give the twins that same opportunity. I’d […]

Let’s stop laminating nature

Let's Stop Laminating Nature

We all have that one little thing that gets us really riled up, don’t we? Maybe you clench your teeth every time someone misuses an apostrophe, maybe you want to chuck a tantrum when your spouse doesn’t hang up their wet towel… again, or maybe you just can’t stand it when someone is texting during […]

DIY Wooden Texture Stamps

DIY Wooden Stamps

Inspiration is an amazing thing. For example, I saw some images on pinterest showing how to add texture to wood and I was inspired to use a similar technique to make these charming wooden stamps. The pictures motivated me so much so, that I was ready to haul myself into our shed and rummage around […]

Nature Lover Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Nature Lover Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links Do you need some gift ideas for your Nature loving Valentine? Why not give the gift of nature, in heart form. I’ve hand picked some gifts that would bring me joy. So, whether they are stunningly simple, DIY or ready-made, there’s every chance the perfect gift for your nature lover […]