Made with Nature — Leaf Bow Hair Clips

A pretty Leaf Bow

I know I should be posting more nature crafts related to flowers because many of you are coming in to spring (although I’m now in Autumn) but the leaves are so inviting right now and I’m realising just how versatile they are. We’ve made leaf crowns,  leaf paper balls, created leaf shape art, sewn leaf […]

DIY Succulent Planter Pots made using a Branch

DIY Wooden Branch Planter pots

I was making some craft items for the kid’s play area I’m responsible for in my new job when I stumbled on an idea to make a mini planter pot using a thick branch. Luckily I had the perfect branch to use, with rich natural patterns on the exterior of the wood. I used this […]

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

I wasn’t prepared to see the Easter eggs at the shops already discounted. I had so many Easter Egg crafts planned but with a new job that’s now five days a week, adjusting to a tighter routine has certainly taken a decent cut of my time. Still, I always says it’s the simple activities that I […]

Tree Printable: Learning Numbers with Natural Materials

Learning with Natural Materials

Do your preschoolers love to play school at the moment? Mine do and I’m jumping on their enthusiasm for learning.  This simple activity encourages the use of natural materials that will engage your child, yet teach them some important number foundations before they get to school. This tree printable should be used with a variety of natural […]

Fun with Playdough and Nature

Fun with Playdough and Nature

You may remember the very popular post I wrote with a similar title called Fun with Playdough and shells. That post was a hit because the twins gave me a brilliant idea to make a lifelike snail using playdough and a snail shell. This time we’ve been bringing nature to our playdough play and there’s […]

Aquafarm: a pet, fresh herbs and a learning experience in one!


This is a sponsored post Did you know you can grow herbs in a fish tank?! I know, it sounds a tad crazy, but the Aquafarm concept is actually based in ancient sustainable farming methods, and if you ask me it’s a stroke of genius. There’s never been a better reason to buy your child that […]

Leaf Shape Play

Shape Play

I’ve had fun bringing learning into more of our nature crafting lately. Although my girls are fairly good with shapes, I decided it was a good idea to continue shape recognition activities with them. This activity was simple to set up and they really enjoyed it. The twins mainly moved the shapes around the paper […]

Think of YUU when you’re out and about

going for a picnic

This is a sponsored post. We do a lot of park day trips in our family. The house is a nice place to rest but we’d much rather be out of doors exploring the surrounds. Problem is, with three children it takes a bit of preparation, especially when it’s just the kids and I. It’s […]

50 Ways to Play in the Rain!

50 ways to play in the rain

We’ve had so much rain lately. It’s wonderful. I love how only a quick downpour transforms the nature around our house. It sometimes feels like we live in the middle of a rainforest with all those vibrant greens popping off the foliage. Many of us stay indoors when it’s raining, but as you’ll see, there […]

The Artful Year — Crafting Seasonally

The Artful Year

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well, now that you mention it, yes, they totally do!  This particular ‘good thing’ came in the post, over a week after I’d expected it. What’s the deal, Australia Post?’ I was so relieved and so thrilled when the package finally arrived that I jumped about the […]