Hieee, I’m Penny.

When I was a kid I was always in trouble.

Not for the usual malarkey like writing on walls or breaking family heirlooms.

I liked to collect animals. Baby pigeons, lizards, mice, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs would all somehow make their way into my house. I knew I would get a scolding as soon as they were found in my room. I also knew I would not be allowed to keep them hidden from my mum for long, but I had fun trying!

Eventually, I decided that if I was still collecting animals despite getting into trouble; I might as well think of it as a career option. My passion to become a zoo keeper was born.

Armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Wildlife Biology and a Grad Diploma of Education – I’ve now been a zoo keeper for five years and a Wildlife Education Officer for three.

‘Never work with kids and animals’ they say, but the person who spread that rumor, just didn’t want you to know how awesome it is!

Yup…I’m one of those annoying people who enjoys their job, and as a wildlife education officer, I have successfully managed to combine my two loves, wildlife and teaching.

When I’m not hanging out like Bindi Irwin, I l tend to my own flock – Possum, who is 3 and my twinkles, Squeak and Prrrr, who are 8 months old. Oh, I take care of my husband, Golf man, too.

Somewhat of a bookworm, I prefer milk chocolate to dark and snail mail to social media. I’m also crazy as a Galah about all things strawberry- coloured, flavoured and scented.

Why do I write Wildlife Fun 4 Kids?

  • To help parents who have little-rangers-to-be find activities to foster their love of wildlife and animals
  • To convince you that saving wildlife can start by helping children to engage in meaningful
    activities with and about wildlife
  • To remind you that wildlife is everywhere and not just a visit to your local zoo (although zoos are a great place to create that bond between child and nature)!

I hope you and your kids will enjoy hanging out on my site andif you have any requests or questions you can contact me on penny@wildlifefun4kids.com


The Animals on the Header (from left)

Praying Mantid Mantis religiosa

White-Lipped Tree Frog Litoria Infrafrenata

Golden Brush-Tailed Possum Trichosurus vulpecula

Kultarr Antechinomys laniger

Magpie Goose Anseranas semipalmata

Green Tree Python Morelia viridis



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