Nature’s Glitter: Biodegradable, Fragrant and Fun

Nature's Glitter

I’m not a big fan of glitter. Yes, it’s pretty and my kids love it but did you know that it’s made out of  tiny bits of ground coloured plastic? Plastic takes a long time to biodegrade, whether cut into tiny pieces or not. So, I wondered how my children could enjoy the similar effects of glitter without buying it from the shops (and having glitter forever in our under covered area).

I didn’t have to look far because I found alternatives all around us. Best of all, they look beautiful, are vibrant natural colours, smell great and are an excellent replacement for the real thing!  Have I mentioned this glitter is free too?

Collecting nature’s glitter can be just as fun as using it in craft. Make a day of it by searching your local forests, gardens and bushland reserves.  Here’s what we collected, hopefully you have similar flora to help you make biodegradable glitter too!

Bottle Brush Glitter Red Bottlebrush Flower

Natural Glitter

Cadaghi Flowers

After researching the flowers I collected, I found  that the Cadaghi tree is classed a weed in Australia. As as a result, it’s important to collect them in a bag that will minimise the risk of spreading seeds.

Nature's Glitter

Fine red Sawdust

Alternative to glitter

Sweet Wattle Leaves

Pink Glitter

Lilly Pilly Flowers

It didn’t take the girls long to open the little containers with nature’s glitter and scatter it on their artwork. In fact, I actually think they had more fun because they felt the different textures from the contents of each bottle fall through their fingers. They seemed to take extra time with the material too and once I’d suggested they smell it,  they tried every single bottle. There was a lot more interaction with the material than regular glitter.

Playing with Nature

It may not shimmer and shine quite like its plastic counterpart but it still creates quite a beautiful collage of colours and textures on the page. Being biodegradable, it’s most certainly much better for the environment too!

Extended learning


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    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Thanks Kate, oh yes it’s my kind of glitter too. I’m incredibly inspired by nature at the moment. I’ve been doing so much bush craft lately I should be calling it bush craft for kids. lol

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Thanks so much Rachel. I’m hoping to see lots of little people making their own nature’s glitter in the near future!

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Oh Anna, it’s comments like yours that also inspire me to keep posting. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for sharing too!

  1. says

    Great post, Penny! What an awesome idea and we love collecting bits of nature during our bush walks, so this will add some purpose to our collecting :)

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Thanks Amie, I’m so glad it will send you off on a little treasure hunt for additions to your own Nature’s glitter!

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Yay Erica. I don’t think I’ll ever buy glitter again either. This is so much better. Thank you so much for sharing this on G+ and coming here to comment. xx

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Thanks so much Elise! We had a lovely time. We now always collect bit and bobs for our nature’s glitter and the little jars sit in our Nature box. Can you tell we love nature craft?

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Thanks so much Trisha! You know what, the sparkles are cool on real glitter but there’s something more magical about glitter from nature. I dunno. It just looks beautiful whenever we use it


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