Easy Nature Crowns for Kids

Nature Crowns

Using nature in craft is one of our favourite activities.  Who needs pom poms and felt, when you can have leaves, gumnuts and bark!

While on another bush walk with the twins, we found a paper bark tree. I knew this would come in handy, so I ripped some bark off the trunk and folded it up in my carry bag. Paper bark is perfect material for craft because you can pull it off in long, thick pieces and it’s quite flexible.

Along our forest walk, we also collected beautiful pieces of nature including  gum nut flowers, pretty mottled leaves and fern fronds.  It was lovely searching for nature treasures and adding them to our bag of goodies.

All you need:

  • Nature treasures
  • Paper bark (or bark from a tree that rips off in big  flexible pieces)
  • Glue
  • Paper clips

I spread the contents of the bag on the table and let the girls glue what ever they chose on to their piece of paper bark.

Playing with Nature

Then, I twisted the paper bark around and measured it against the head. They made perfect crowns!

Paper Bark Crown

One stuck really well with glue but the other wasn’t cooperating so I just grabbed a couple of paper clips and it was perfect for securing the ends together.

Nature crown

Have you used nature in your craft activities lately?

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  1. says

    I love your crowns – they are gorgeous! We recently made pet rock flies with leaves and seed pods. I agree – it is so much fun to craft with nature.

    • Penny says

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Tricia. I hope they enjoyed making them. Did you manage to find paper bark around where you live?

  2. says

    So cool!
    I wish we had a paper bark tree or some other tree with appropriate bark… your have inspired me to think of all these cool things we could do with those lovely sheets of bark!


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