Vet Play for Kids: Free Printable Resources

Vet Play Printables

Children seem naturally drawn to helping animals. I always see their caring nature show through when telling  a story about an injured animal who came through our wildlife hospital at work.  Extending on an experience or story they have heard into a home play activity is a wonderful way of continuing to foster that connection with and empathy for animals.

During one of our weekend family days we finally visited my work (I’m a wildlife Education officer at a zoo) and since Miss Possum had been asking about vets, we took her to the wildlife hospital. She was fascinated and started fixing the animals on an educational play table straight away. It didn’t take her long to play vet at home too so I built some vet resources for her to use during play.

Your child may prefer to be a cat and dog vet in a general practice or they may want to be a wildlife vet. It really depends on how many stuffed toys you have around the house! We found out we could do either after a nocturnal and diurnal activity last year, using toys, exposed how many stuffed animals we really have!

Vet Play Setup

What you need for a vet surgery play

  • Gloves – don’t forget those. Our vet thought they we very important. 
  • Tweezers
  • Play doctor equipment (we already has a stethoscope)
  • Thermometer
  • Bandages
  • Pretend medicine
  • Little table for check ups
  • Play knife (for surgery)
  • Boxes (places to keep animals overnight)
  • Phone (to ring customers when an animal need to be picked up

I also created some vet play print outs for you too. Miss Possum really loved these.

Play Vet Resources Printable 

Next Appointment Sheet  

Vet Play: Appointment Ticket

Click here to download appointment sheet

Vet Appointment Printable for Play

Vet Surgery Animal Record Sheet

Vet Play Printables

Click here to download the animal record sheet

Animal Record Sheet For Vet Play

I purposely made these resources to not only encourage writing in a fun, playful way but also to test her retention of knowledge from our classification activity a couple of months ago. Turns out she still knows the difference between mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians!

Kids playing vet

On a personal note, this activity was so heart warming to see and although I wouldn’t ever push my child into any particular profession, I think Miss Possum makes a fantastic vet. She was very matter of fact and quite professional for a five year old. She may have some issues with cutting animals open though. This crocodile swallowed a camera and Miss Possum had to pretend to get the camera out with a very blunt knife. Her face says it all!

Vet Surgery Play

So, if your child has experienced seeing an animal injured or heard a story and genuinely felt bad or wanted to help, playing vet is a perfect way to extend on your child’s caring nature for animals. I hope you enjoy the resources!

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  1. angelique says

    how ,uch i always enjoy yout blog!
    We should collaborate for the world animal day the 4th of october!

    Would you like to do a bloghop with me?
    Please write me!
    Love, angie

    • Penny says

      Hey Angie!

      Yes, we must collaborate! I’ll email you shortly. I just have to get a couple of important post done and then I’ll email you xx

  2. kirri @ kirri white coaching says

    Bondi Vet is one of our favourite shows and my girls have been playing their own version of the show.
    My eldest wants to be a dancer and a vet (not sure how that works!).
    I’m going to print out the resources you have created to add to their game.
    Thanks Penny!

    • Penny says

      Can’t we have nine career choices in our lifetime now? She can be a vet and a dancer and still have lots of left over career choices after that. :)

      SO glad your girls will use them Kirri. That makes me super happy!

  3. says

    My daughter would love this and whilst we’ve played vets before, the addition of your awesome printables will take it to a new level. Thanks so much for sharing! Pinned :)

  4. says

    This is just to sweet….i love the pics of your little vet, isn’t she just gorgeous!! Wonderful printables, my girls are loving hospital play at the moment but with the loss of our doggy friend recently they are very interested in all things ‘animal doctor’ so i think it might be a good time to do this sort of play…thanks so much for sharing Penny x

  5. says

    I always wanted to be a vet when I was little and so I would have loved this. You have provided us with so many support to encourage and set up this play. Thanks so much. I look forward to doing it with my little girl this arvo.

    • Penny says

      I can;t remember wanting to be a Vet. I always wanted to be a zoo keeper I think. They, while I was a zoo keeper, I got to really see what Vets do and I was blown away. I think I would have loved to have been a vet!

      hope they liked the resources it Kate!

  6. says

    wow! talk about perfect timing! at store yesterday my LO begged, cried and did NOT get a little cute stuffy kitty w/big big eyes, just like the one in photo. she is also a very reluctant reader/writer! i have come to end of my rope w/that lol! but now, you saved us BOTH: 1-LO will get her kitty as a surprise after school today 2- i will get her ‘reading’ & writing FOR SURE!!! Thank you ever so kindly for sharing this for FREE–its priceless to ME!


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