Toilet Roll Animals

Toilet Roll Animals

The recycled toilet rolls in our craft bin had been piling up since the twins started toilet training and if I didn’t do something soon, we would be overrun, swimming in a playroom of faintly ocean fresh-scented cardboard rolls. What’s worse is that my mum started to collect hers for me too. What could I do with them all?  We needed a project, a BIG toilet roll project.

So, we got one—toilet roll animals.

Over a couple of months, every few days I’d sit down and craft an animal out of toilet rolls.

‘What animal would you like me to make today, Miss Possum?’

And each time she’d reply with a completely different animal from the last.

I’d craft it and she would paint it. Then once it was dry, we’d add a little more detail on each. We used three craft items: toilet rolls, a good craft glue (or super glue for the hard drying parts) and acrylic paint.

toilet roll craft

Our first creation was a pink pig, which I haven’t added into this top photo simply because it’s been so well-loved that it’s fallen apart now and therefore won’t be showing up in any of the later activities. Here’s a picture of it in its former gloryToilet Roll Pig

Move on a month later and I’m sitting at the table wondering how on earth I’m going to craft a gorilla—a gorilla for heaven’s sake! I did it. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. Toilet Roll Gorilla Art

When I look at them all lined up together below, it really does bring me joy. Joy because Miss Possum and I spent time together, joy because  they look amazing and joy because we completed our mission by using well over 25 toilet rolls in the process (although they’re already piling up again!).

Toilet roll elephant

toilet roll spider

Toilet roll koala

Toilet Roll Cat

Cockatoo-CraftToilet Roll Frogtoilet Roll horseToilet Roll Squirrel  
We have a few activities planned for the animals, and I’ll do a follow-up post on that later down the track.

Why don’t you try to make your own and recycle those toilet rolls that just keep piling up too?!

Other animals you can make using toilet/cardboard rolls:

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  1. kirri @ kirri white coaching says

    I won”t be making any toilet roll animals – It would most likely take me the rest of the year to create something that mildly resembles any of the creatures you have crafted!

    I will sit and admire your exquisite work though – pretty amazing :)

    • Penny says

      Why thanks Mrs P. It wasn’t all me… mostly me, but not all me. Miss Poss did a fantastic job painting them. :)

    • Penny says

      Thanks Renee, it took a few months. We only did it when we felt crafty and when Miss Poss really wanted me to make another one for her to paint. We both did enjoy spending the time together.

    • Penny says

      Thanks Jackie. We enjoyed making them.

      Do you think we’ll ever be happy with our website design. I wish I could just accept it all and be done with rethinking it. I’ll get there one day but I’m so glad you’ve noticed the changes and like them :)


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