Easter Activity: Hunting for Animals that Lay Eggs

Egg huntAlthough we started our Easter crafts with a life-sized bird nest for the girls, we haven’t done anything else to celebrate this festive season. In fact I’ve been so busy with birthday parties, dance rehearsals and planning to move house that I didn’t realize until yesterday that it was Easter this weekend. Opps!

Luckily, I had a lovely little egg hunting activity all prepared for when Miss Possum came home from school today. I couldn’t think of a more relevant egg hunting activity then to make the aim to guess which eggs (with animals drawn on them) were egg layers and which were not eggs layers.

What you’ll need for the hunt:

  • 8 eggs
  • Sewing pin
  • Permanent markers
  • Basket
  • two containers

Preparing for the Hunt

1.     You’ll need to blow the egg yolks out of the eight eggs.  You can do this by using the sewing pin to make a hole in both the top and bottom of each egg. Then,  gently blow on one hole, making theyolk come out of the other hole. If you’re finding it difficult, make the hole slight bigger down the bottom. I also rinsed the inside of the eggs with water and then dried them.how to blow eggs

2.     On four of the eggs, draw animals that lay eggs and on the remaining four, draw animals that do not lay eggs. Some examples:

Do Lay Eggs Do Not lay eggs
Owl Bear
Chicken Kangaroo
Crocodile Human
Python Possum
Echidna Squirrel
Parrot Bat
Penguin Blue Tongued Lizard
Turtle Elephants
Ducks Cheetah









If you’re not a confident drawer you can easily print out pictures of the animals and stick them on with glue or sticky tape.Easter Egg Huntingegg game

3.     Set up two containers somewhere with one labelled lay eggs and the other do not lay eggs.

4.      While your child is occupied inside the house, hide the eggs around the backyard.

The Egg Hunt

When you give your child the hunting basket, it might be a good idea to explain that they need to be very gentle with the eggs or they’ll crack.  Now, ask them to find the eggs. When they find an egg, ask them what animal is on the egg and how do they know it’s that animal. Miss Possum loved this activity!Egg hunting funOnce they’ve collected the eggs, ask them to sort the eggs into the containers. Give them plenty of help, especially if you add tricky ones like I did.

Egg activity

eggs layer and not egg layers

Once they’ve sorted the eggs,  the crafty fun doesn’t need to stop there. Miss Possum decided she wanted to paint the eggs and so we actually did another Easter activity that afternoon too. Tomorrow we’ll crush them and use them for more craft fun. I love recycling!

I really love this activity, it’s an Easter egg hunt with an education animal twist. I hope you like it too and happy Easter everyone!

*You may notice that there’s a lizard in the do not lay eggs container. This lizard was labelled Blue tongued lizard, which gives birth to live young. I told you I made it tricky for Miss Possum!

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    • Penny says

      That is such a perfect time to find them. I keep wondering if I’ll stumble on gecko eggs but I haven’t yet ( we are over run in the backyard). Perhaps we need to hunt for them!

    • Penny says

      Thank you so much for your support Deb. If only I had enough time to learn Sulia. It sounds so cool! Perhaps after the move…

    • Penny says

      Thanks so much Kate. I had to wrack my brain for an educational, wildlife related egg hunting activity and viola it showed me in the form of laying and non laying. We had fun with this one!

  1. says

    How clever are you Mumma? Seriously Penny…this is such an innovative idea and I had already pinned to a few of my boards I loved it so much!

    • Penny says

      Thanks so much Jode! Wow, your comment made me go all squishy inside. So lovely to read a comment like that when you’ve had a bad week and sick. I feel a little pick-me-up inside :).

  2. kirri @ kirri white coaching says

    I confess, that this might just be a great exercise for some adults too!

    You have such a knack for combining wildlife and education…I know that’s what you do, but some of the ideas that you come up are so simple, yet brilliant.

    • Penny says

      he he he, I did add some hard ones in there Kirri, so you’re probably right that some adults may need to have a go at this too.

      Kirri, you always made me feel so good about my blog. Thank you! And thank you for always being here and supporting me. I really, really appreciate it. Only two weeks until we move house and then I can catch up with you. I’m hanging out for it. So having Kirri withdrawals!

  3. Jacqui (CRAP Mamma) says

    I’m with Kirri Pen, I reckon this would be a great activity for adults too. You are truly an inspiration for the rest of us wildlife numpties lol xx


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