Free Animal Bookmarks for Kids

Free Animal BookmarksI’ve been reading novels to Miss Possum as she goes to bed lately. A chapter a night. The latest book is Charlotte’s Web and we both adore it. After one night of loosing my place and spending five minutes trying to find the latest crease in the page, I decided to make some animal bookmarks. It’s been a while since I’ve made a print out for you too so here’s four animal bookmarks that your child (and you) can use to help mark their place in a book.  This is how you make them:

1.    Download the pictures.

Lady Bug & Seal bookmarks  

 Koala and Turtle bookmarks

Lady beetle an Seal BookmarkKoala and Turtle Bookmark

2.    Roughly cut around the bookmarks and paste it to a piece of recycled cardboard. Cereal packets work really well!make your own bookmark

3.    After if has dried, cut out the bookmark.

animal book marks

4.     After a bit of trial and error, I found that using a scrapbooking knife gave me the best outcome to cut out the tummy section neatly. This section will help secure the bookmark to the book.

lady beetle bookmark

5.    Then, pull the flap out through the top and glue to pieces back to back.

Lady beetle bookmark


Free animal Bookmarks


I hope your kids like them! What animal books do you have in the cupboard?

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    • Penny says

      Nawww, thanks Deb. I’ve hit a stump on printables, if you think of anything else you think I could make, please let me know.


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