Animal Taste Game

five senses activityHave you ever blind folded your child and let them guess food by using only their taste buds? Children really enjoy letting a different sense take over for sight.

Miss Possum loves anything to do with her five senses and still enjoys playing our other sense games that incorporate smelling food like an animal and guessing the animal body covering.  It was about time we got those tastebuds working a bit harder.

In this game, your child will guess the food using only taste as a sense and then guess what animal might eat that food.

What you need for this activity:

  • Blind fold (we used a tea towel)
  • Pictures of animals (see below). I used images from the internet, printed them and cut them out.
  • Food that is well recognised as a source of food to an animal. We used:








Eucalyptus Lolly




Sunflower Seeds



Another alternative may be a squirrel and nuts for their food source.

How to play the game

1.     Have the food prepared on a plate for your child (without them seeing you doing it)

2.     Blind fold your child

3.     Pass the food to your child and let them taste it. Ask your child what food it is and what animal might eat that food. If they don’t know the answer to the questions move on to the next food.

4.     Once all the food has been tasted and the child has tried to answer all the questions, take the blind fold off.

5.     Give your child the pictures and ask them to place the pictures of the animals next to the food that the animal eats.

Animal senses


Animal senses


five senses activity

Miss Possum found the eucalyptus drop and sunflower seeds difficult to guess but once she had the pictures of the animals, she used process of elimination to help her guess which animal linked with which food.

This activity was perfect because Miss Possum is learning all about the five senses at school. She loved this activity and was very happy to eat the remainder of the plate for afternoon tea!

Follow on ideas:

  • Find out if animals have taste buds
  • Learn about taste buds and what their purpose is
  • Ask your child if an animal would eat their food straight away or if there’s something they would do before eating it.
  • Learn more about animal tongues
  • Learn more about the other senses animals use
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    • Penny says

      They are yummy. I’ve never tasted a eucalyptus leaf before but the drops smell exactly the same. I think it has much more sugar than the leaf though. :)

  1. says

    What a fun way to explore what animals eat! I remember doing a similar activity when I was in kindy and it has always left a really good impression on me :-)

  2. kirri says

    So clever Pen! I thought the eucapltus lolly was a touch of genius too. I’m not sure a leaf would go down too well!

    • Penny says

      I can’t help it Jode. I think it’s in my nature. I just love that it took me no time to set up. I love the on a whim activities like this!

    • Penny says

      Just an added extra to the taste game. I really should have included the twins in this game too but they are still quite young for it. It won’t be long now, they are growing up so fast. Sniff sniff.

  3. says

    This is a fun extension to test tasting. I love the little lolly :) My kids love little smelling jars too. Now I wonder how you could incorporate some wildlife into that one??? Hmmmm…. I sure you could think of something :)


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