Animal Play Matters

Play Matters

There’s a wonderful group I’m honoured to be a part of, the Aussie Kid Blogger Network (AKBN), and they’ve started an initiative to encourage play for all children. As a group, we believe #playmatters and you can join in the fun by finding our #playmatters community on Pinterest. Have something play orientated to share on social media? Why not add hashtag playmatters and join in!

Unfortunately my phone died last week and so I can’t contribute on instagram but I’m helping support playmatters by highlighting some Animal Play activities on here and then sharing these on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

 lessons learnt journalOutdoor Adventures: Animal Hunt

A lovely post that encourages your children to play with toy animals out in the garden. Visit Lessons Learnt Journal to find out more!



 frog-pond-small-world-play-1Create an Underwater Theme

This fish craft is so easy, yet stunning! Can you imagine the play activities that would be created once you’ve made the craft?! Visit Learn with Play at Home to find out more!



My Little Book CaseAnimal Games

This post is filled with Australian animal play games. You’ll be playing these in no time! Visit My Little Bookcase to find out more!



Octivia and VickyElephant Hat

There’s nothing better than using your recycled materials to make something really special, something your child can spend many hours playing with.  Visit Octavia and Vicky to find out more!




Triple T Mum Book Activity: Magpie Crafts

I love using books to inspire play ideas. Have a look at the lovely play idea created by the book Waddle Giggle Gargle by Pamela Allen. Visit Triple T Mum to find out more!



 Frog Pong Small World Play

There’s no other small world play that I love more than this one. I’ve got this image and play activity embedded in my mind. You need to check this out! Visit One Perfect Day to find out more!

 Under the Sea

There’s nothing better than outdoor play! Looking, exploring and touching, this is my kind of fun! Visit Just for Daisy to find out more!

 Jumping Kangaroo Craft

I love this craft idea. It will lead you to a wonderful kangaroo play activity that suits all children! Visit A Little Learning for Two to find out more!


Snake CraftTeach your Child to be Snake Safe

This is a play-based and snake friendly way to help teach your children to be snake safe.  Don’t scare your children to keep them safe, play with them instead! Read more… (yes, I do to slip one of mine in there)



Play is important to my children because it’s such a fun way to learn and falling in love with learning is a must!

Why do you think #playmatters?

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  1. kirri says

    It looks like a great community Penny.

    I think play is an integral part of life – not just for kids but for adults as well.

    I get a lot of joy just from observing my girls play. The way their imagination takes over and consumes them, often transporting them to another world, where I want to join them! The way they live to play is a crucial reminder for me to have more fun and chill out when I get too serious about things!

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