Easy Made Animal Feet

DIY Animal feet for kidsI’ve had on my To Do list for quite a while and since my girls have been rather interested in dress ups lately, it was the perfect time to try it out. These animal feet surpassed my expectations and the girls adore them. We’re also giving a pair as a gift to a special, little friend.

How to Make Animal Feet Slippers

1.  The hardest part of making the animal feet is getting the sizing of the material right. You’ll need to measure your child’s leg (from the base of the foot to the knee), the width of the leg just under the knee and the length of the foot, and then add 2cm to each.

It’s quite easy to get the circumference of a circle  (see below), using the length of the foot +2cm as the diameter. Use this circumference tool, sooo easy!

To make the circle I just made a cross using the foot length (+2cm) and then filled in the curves to make the circle and cut the shapes out. I also cut the shapes of the paw prints using brown material.

2. Once all these components are ready, sew the brown footprints onto the furry side of the circles, like below

Tiger feet DIY

make animal slippers

3. Then pin a circle to the longest side of one the leg material cut outs. I started from the middle, so the foot print was facing the right way to ensure the leg seam was at the back.  Make sure the furry bits are facing toward each other.

Easy animal feet craft

make tiger feet

4.    If you measured correctly, you should have a slight overlap of the sides that will make the leg seam. Sew the leg seam first all the way down to the circle and then pin it flat. Next, Sew around the edge of the circle.

5.     Double check it’s all sealed. It’s not hard to go back and resew it if there’s a little part that was missed.  This type of material is very forgiving!

6.    Now it’s time to make the edging up near the where the material will sit under the knee, so that you can add some elastic. It’s quite easy, just fold down the material and sew around it, making sure that you leave at least one centimetre of space for the elastic to be threaded through.

7. Now you have to do the same for the other leg.

Animal Feet sewn

Now, turn it the right side round and add some cardboard (the same size as the circled bottom) to support the feet and viola, beautiful animal feet slippers. Below are polar bear slippers, jaguar slippers and tiger slippers. Rawr!

polar bear slippers

And I couldn’t leave Miss Possum out. She requested an elephant. I just added the material to make nails on the outside of the material.Make elephant costume


I’ve only recently started sewing after making some adorable animal bean bags so I hope the instructions work for you. I tried to provide as many photos as I could to help explain how I made them.

I’m so glad I’m going out of my comfort zone and dusting off my sewing machine. It’s really enjoyable to be creative and make something special for the girls to encourage them to play as animals.

Do you sew?

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  1. kirri says

    These are adorable! My girls would have loved these a couple of years ago.
    As for sewing – we don’t get along at all :)

    • Penny says

      I didn’t think my sewing machine and I got along but for some reason we worked that out. It always loved my mother better but it’s starting to see more creativity in me now. I can’t wait to see them on them all the time in winter. It will be sooo cute!

  2. says

    i just saw these on pinterest and pinned immediately Penny!!! Such a fab idea…never thought of sewing my own!! Thanks for your instructions…i just love them…especially the elephant feet…so cute!!!

  3. says

    My kids would L.O.V.E these! Seriously! I think actually they might go a little nuts if I did actually make them hehe. I really should get my machine out again…I was just telling Kate L how fun it is to make things….that’s it..I’m making something tonight 😀 Now I don’t have any animal print sooooo what to make??? 😀

  4. Renee @ adventuresathomewithmum says

    These are sooooo cute.
    I don’t sew, I’d love to and I may just manage these. Dimples would love some…

  5. Emma says

    I made some from cheap animal print bath mats! Already had piping along the top and nice and thick. Can sew by hand don’t need a machine. My kids LOVE them thank you so much

    • Penny says

      Oh My goodness Emma, that’s wonderful! I’d love to see them if you’d be happy to share :)

      You made my day!


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