How to Make an Animal Grass Head

DIY Animal Grass HeadsWe’ve all seen grass heads and chia pets before but have you ever made an animal grass head? With only a little bit more effort than a regular grass head, the results are so worth it!

Last year, I became familiar with my sewing machine by making some animal bean bags and continued that friendship by making these  DIY animal grass heads.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry, you could easily sew your animal shapes by hand too. This is a perfect, simple animal craft activity for kids of all ages!

How to make Animal Grass Heads

You need:

  • Recycled stockings
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Soil (affiliate link)
  • Grass seeds (affiliate link)
  • Water

Wildlife Garden

Animal grass head instructions

  1. Draw the animal shapes on the stockings with felt pen
  2. Sew or stitch around the shapes. Ensure you leave one end open.
  3. Cut the surrounding stocking away from the shape.
  4. Mix 1 cup of soil and 1 cup of grass seed.
  5.  Put the seed and soil mixture into the stocking (see below for specific dinosaur grass head instructions)
  6. Sew up the open end of the stocking, or use a rubber band to seal the end.
  7. Soak the animals in water and keep it moist (not wet)

Grass head animals

Make Animal Grass Heads

*Dinosaur instructions:

We filled the bottom half of the dinosaur with soil only (no seeds). To get the grass seed and soil mixture into the thin top layer (to make the spikes that line the back), we used a straw. Put the straw down the tube of stocking and fill it up by putting the soil and grass mixture in the straw.  This was a great activity for fine motor skills for Miss Poss.

Growing the Grass heads

In less than three days, you’ll see the seeds start to germinate (you’ll see the roots come down first). Within 5- 6 days you’ll have a healthy head of grass hair on your animals and enough to start cutting your animal’s hair. Miss Possum loved cutting the dinosaur’s grass spikes!

Dino Grass Head

Echidna or Hedgehog grass head

Animal Grass Head

We made a caterpillar, echidna (would make an awesome porcupine too) and dinosaur. You could make any animal grass head you like. It’s such a fun activity.  Why not create your own!

What animal grass head  or chia pet would you like to make?

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  1. Debi says

    You have impeccable timing – I was just thinking of getting a chia pet or two for my boys. This is so much better!

    • Penny says

      I had no idea what a Chia Pet was, so I had to google it. Wow, they are cute! To be honest, I kind of like ours better too. Glad I for you at the right time. I might have to tag Chia Pet in my post now huh?!

    • Penny says

      Thanks so much Karina. I really appreciate that you took the time to comment! I hope they like it. It’s just lovely seeing the first grass blades shooting out of the animal.

    • Penny says

      Thanks Deborah. I’m sure they would love them! We had so much fun seeing the blades pop out of the stockings and complete the animals

  2. Hinterland Mama says

    Very, VERY cool :)
    Kids – how do we make the shape of this animal?
    – this is how seeds (plants) grow
    – we need to responsibly water the plants to keep them alive
    Lots of possible discussions and lots of fun. Thanks Penny :)

    • Penny says

      Thanks so much. I should have put those points in, shouldn’t I. I think I was so rushed to get this post done that I forgot to put the many learning opportunities in.

    • Penny says

      Mine are still going strong, three weeks so far. I think you’ll need to cut the grass though or it will fall over

    • Penny says

      I know! I recycle my stockings. I can’t believe I got three animals out of them. I could have got another animal if I had of tried!

  3. says

    Just too cute Penny…why have we only ever done the boring grass head version lol!!! Can’t wait to try this out with the girls…they love their gardening so i know they will love this…your a genius woman!!

  4. Emma says

    Wonderful site with great ideas. Not only ru building a love of wildlife in ur kids, but also a love of family, imagination, motor skills, life, outdoors and fun. I did the same with my mum and now my toddlers. We must never underestimate what this quality time means to them.

  5. MamaDeenDeen says

    I don’t understand the straw part, can you show picture of it? I want to make DOG for our PreK class, can I get some help pretty please with sugar on top?? 😀

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Hi MamaDeenDeen,

      I only wanted grass seeds in the top of the dinosaur (to make spikes). I sewed a small section up but the only way to get the seeds in was using a straw. If you’re making dog, all you’ll have to do is sew the shape together and then add a soil and seed mix. You shouldn’t need a straw unless there’s super small sections you need to fill. Does that make sense?

    • Penny Whitehouse says

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Katie. I hope your boys love them as much as my girls do!


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