Boo and the Big Storm

boo and the big stormThere’s something about big, beautiful, innocent eyes that makes me go all gooey inside, and the book I laid eyes on last week made me do just that! Boo and the Big Storm, written by Wendy Lawrence and Glen Vause, is one of my top stocking filler suggestions for this Christmas.

Boo’s curiosity gets her in trouble and she’s picked up by a stormy wind and dropped at the bottom of a tree, away from her two siblings. She calls out, but her parents are away hunting. A strange monster (Farmer Goodman) finds Boo and takes her to unfamiliar surroundings.  It ends with a heart-warming and satisfying finish for every child (and parent) when Boo is returned to her family.

boo book owlet

It’s a self-published book, which if I had to be honest, made me a little sceptical. But, after reading the first few pages, I was hooked. It’s excellent quality and just as good as any book you’d find from a big house publisher.

It was those images that made me fall in love with Boo instantly. It doesn’t take much for children to connect with an animal with big, brilliant eyes like Boos. The colour of the images sets the mood and it’s a joy to turn each page.


I also adore the way Wendy has written Boo and the Big Storm. It’s easy to read, has its own slow rhythm and we get to learn how Boo feels as a little owlet being misplaced from her nest. Wendy also brings an educational component into the book. It’s a misconception that a bird won’t take back their baby after a human has touched it and this book helps to dispel that myth.

Wendy has been rehabilitating raptors and owls for the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers Inc. (NRWC) in northern New South Wales for the last 20 years. It’s obvious she has a passion for the subjects in her book.Boo and the Big Storm

I’m not letting Miss Possum review this book until after Christmas. She will add her score then, but if I know my daughter, she will ADORE this book. I’ve also bought her a little owl plush that looks just like Boo to add to the present.


If you’d like to find out more about Boo and the Big Storm please visit Wild Publishing.

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  1. S Armstrong says

    We are all animal lovers and Boo is so cute, with thiose big sad eyes. Sounds like a great read for the kids

  2. says

    My daughter would love this book! She’s obsessed with owls at the moment, and I know she would fall in love with that sweet little face.

  3. Carolyn says

    My eldest daughter would think it’s a hoot to find this in her Santa sack on Christmas morning. She LOVES owls and books and I’m sure that little fluffy owl would take pride on place in her bed at night with her other owl pal.

  4. Antonietta says

    A wonderful well written and illustrated book for my son who is learning to read. With a great message for everyone who enjoys reading.

  5. Debs says

    They are gorgeous eyes. I think it’s what gets me about orangutans as well.. their big beautiful innocent eyes. I’m sure my daughter would love this glorious book :)

    • Penny says

      I know, Orangutans (so jealous about that photo by the way), are just beautiful. And yes, it’s their eyes that make you feel like you know them, you can almost feel their emotions through their eyes.

  6. TBassula says

    I am a sucker for those beautiful big eyes too – and those gorgeous fluffy feathers!! I could just reach through those pages and snuggle the little darling :) The illustrations are really beautiful – I’m so impressed it’s a self published book! The little owl plushie is a great idea too – the extra level of interaction always works with my boys, I know they would *adore* this book 😉

    • Penny says

      I wanted to snuggle him as soon as I saw the image too. Although, knowing birds of prey (even little birds of prey) they could give a nasty bite so I’d probably stop myself if I met a little one in the middle of the road like Farmer Goodman in the story.

  7. gret lee says

    i love animal stories, and this seems like the perfect story for a cold winter’s night, which every christmas we pretend it’s cold in order to keep the kids cooled down in the heat

    • Penny says

      I hear you. It’s so, so hot at the moment. You’re right, the images do lend themselves to feeling cold. I love the mood the images create!

  8. says

    Oh I know my girl is a bit old for this book, but she ADORES owls at the moment after beginning to read the Guardians of Gahoolie books, and I know she would love to read this to her brothers, but I know she wouldn’t share the little soft owl!

    • Penny says

      No one would share that owl! Luckily, the twins have one each already. It’s Miss Possum that doesn’t have one (she does now, in her stocking). I think she’ll love this book Kate. It really is lovely. Good Luck!

  9. Wendy Hatton says

    I always love to give a book to my grand children for Christmas. This one not only looks beautiful but the story is based on something ‘real’ which is a plus in my books!

  10. says

    My little girl has recently become obsessed with owls. This is because our local town square cafe area is over-run by seagulls, and many of the cafe owners have recently invested in giant garden ornament owls from Bunnings to try and deter the seagulls from landing on the tables and annoying customers. My daughter adores these owls more than she used to adore the seagulls :-) I’m sure she’d love this book!

    • Penny says

      That’s so cute Pam. I can just image her and those garden owls.

      Those café owners are very smart to put birds of prey around the place to deter the seagulls too!

  11. Lisa says

    My family is surrounded by birds but we never see owls. And such a shame! They are magnificent birds. And those pictures do such justice to owls. Soooo cute.

    • Penny says

      We don’t really see owls where we live either Lisa, but we take a trip into the country to see my parents and then we see owl galore! And I agree, those pictures are just perfect aren’t they!

  12. Mary Preston says

    I always appreciate a story that not only has a lot of heart, but teaches as well. BOO AND THE BIG STORM is a story we would treasure.

  13. says

    Oh…i saw an article in our local paper about this book (I’m in Northern Rivers) and thought it looked wonderful…i just love that it is self published and local! Those eyes are just gorgoeus aren’t they? I know my toddler twosome would absolutely adore this story as we love to talk to all the birds in our yard on a daily basis. We recently had to help a little baby magpie and the girls were so concerned and just beautiful in how much they wanted to help…i know they would really identify and even understand the important message in this book…..what a lovely giveaway and review…thanks Penny!

    • Penny says

      Thanks for popping by Jode. Not long now. It will be drawn tomorrow! Squeeee! Someone will be very happy to add this little book and owl into their child stocking. I can’t wait to see Miss Possum’s face!

  14. Rachel K says

    He is just gorgeous. The illustrations are out of this world you can even see reflections in his eyes!! I’d love to win!

  15. says

    I would love to win the book for my 2 sons (aged 6 and 7) and the little plush owl for my 8 month old daughter… you are right, what perfect stocking stuffers! Would love to add these to my childrens Christmas gifts! Thank you so much :) Monique

  16. Chon Ky says

    Looks very cute. I love educational books that teach children to respect and care for our wonderful wildlife. I think I may be able to use it to help toddler not be scared of the dark too.

  17. Kimmy says

    The illustrations look amazing. I’m a sucker for any nocturnal bird, their eyes are hypnotic.
    We will definitely be adding this one to our collection, can’t wait to read it.

  18. Louise says

    Hunter is four loves reading and Boo and the big Storm sounds like a really good book. Hunter out loud now. Which is wonderful. He loves animals and wildlife. It would be great to win. It make Hunter really happy. :-)


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