Using Nature as your Canvas

Painting on leavesWe always give our children paper to paint on, but there are plenty of items in nature that can serve as a canvas.  When I found some beautiful leaves at work, I couldn’t help but take them home with me. I showed Miss Possum and she loved them straight away too. We decided we would paint on them.

This may not be a totally wildlife related post but I think it’s just as important to bring children close to nature as it is to bring them close to wildlife. It isn’t completely wildlife unrelated though as you’ll see from our artistry on the leaves!

Miss Possum created a beautiful lady beetle.



nature craft

And this stunning koala in a tree (that ended up being upside down).


I created a gecko and tried to model other ways of being creative by cutting out newspaper and sticking it to the leaves. I thought the effect was lovely.

koala craft

gecko craft


leaf gardland

We tied all the leaves onto a string and together they created a stunning garland that we hung outside on the fence. I love when Miss Possum and I work on creating something beautiful together, it’s so rewarding.

We really enjoyed painting animals on leaves. It also helps the environment because you’re reducing paper waste.

So, next time you see something beautiful to paint, draw or add some collage to, try it. It’s such a refreshing change. Getting children closer to nature around them can only help them bond with it and help encourage a love of wildlife habitat too!leaf garland


Here’s a great way to use leaves  and bark as a nature advent calendar for Christmas. I wish I had thought of that. It’s stunning!

What have you created together with your child lately?

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  1. says

    Love this Penny…we have painted on gum leaves but we need to find some bigger leaves i think! You are so creative and that gecko is a masterpiece!! I think we shall have a go at this on the weekend…in toddler style of course!

    • Penny says

      Oooo, never thought of gum leaves! But yes, the bigger size of these were perfect for painting on. Thanks for the comment on my gecko. I think it’s quite bad actually. I prefer the frog cut out. 😛

    • Penny says

      Ohhh, sticks! What a great idea. I never thought of putting a stick in front of Miss Poss. I know what we’ll be doing next time she says she’s bored! Thanks for the tip.

    • Penny says

      Hi Barb, Welcome! Off to visit your blog now. I’m always up for reading other nature blogs too! I can’t get enough of them.

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