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spider web obstacle courseAfter building a spider web obstacle course last week, I decided it would be a shame just to use it as an obstacle course alone. So, I thought up some activities that would incorporate the web in a few play (and learning) opportunities.

Making a Spider

We went to our trusty wildlife guide book and looked up some of the spiders that we might find locally. Miss Possum loved the garden orb spider and you know us, we like craft, so we made one. We can’t have a web without a spider!

We talked about the parts of a spider’s body and what they like to eat. Miss Possum already knows a lot about spiders because a couple of weeks ago we found lots of wild ones with our lay a sheet and shake a tree activity.

We used two paper plates for the body, a recycled peanut butter lid for the head and toilet rolls for the legs.

 Predator Prey Spider Play

What better way to learn about spiders and their webs then to become part of the action yourself.  I created this fly/butterfly mask to help us (and you and your children) with some insect role play. And like all good insects, we learnt that we had to stay away from that big spider web!

The children loved the masks and zoomed around the backyard, avoiding the web and pretending to be flies and butterflies.  There were a couple of good little actors that, I suspect, got caught in the web intentionally too.

Butterfly and fly maskClick here to download the butterfly mask

fly butterfly mask

 This game was too easy for them though, I had to make it harder.

I explained that our spider web is very colourful and easy to see but most spider webs are almost invisible. Now, the children needed to get through the spider web without touching it. If they touched it they were eaten by the spiderIt was hard work, especially for Miss Possum because she is only young and hasn’t developed much self-awareness. This was a great activity to improve her skill in this area.

spider web obsacle


Catch a Prey Play

Miss Possum and her friends didn’t want to just be insects; they wanted to be the spiders too, so I had to go with their enthusiasm. A game of hide and seek and then tiggy was the perfect opportunity to introduce that not all spiders make webs but some hunt their prey instead.

Free Spider MaskSpider Mask Printable Click here to download the spider mask

 Feed the hungry Spider

I tried to think of another activity that would help them understand how a web is used and how effective it is to catch insects. I made a printable of spider’s favourite food. I cut them up and stuck them on some cardboard to make them stronger.Spider web activity

Then I bought some velcro and attached one side of the Velcro to some soft balls that we had in the house. I also attached the bugs to the balls.

I made targets with some cardboard and the other side of the Velcro. I cut out a range of target sizes as to test their skills.

bug PrintableClick here to download the five bugs printable

The kids loved this game. We found that sometimes even the balls would get stuck in the web even if they didn’t hit the Velcro target. This was a perfect opportunity to show them how well a web can work.

We could continue on spider activities forever but there are so many animals to explore!  Do you want more? Here are some more activities you can do on spiders.

More Spider Activities and Fun

Make a spider web on the ground

A web making activity for children This activity does quite make the web the way a spider does but if you follow the same sequence with the spider obstacle course but using these materials it’s perfect!

Spider Facts for Kids


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  1. Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) says

    This is brilliant! I pass it on to hubby to do with the girls while I’m locked away in the bedroom recovering from dental surgery! x

    • pawhitehouse says

      How are you doing? Poor thing. I keep seeing your shrek photo on FB and pitty you. I hope you’re getting better honey. xx

  2. Diane Reynoldson says

    Hey Pen thee are awesome – how much fun can kids have while learning ! and I love the photos too so helpful – I think we might make a big spiderweb at our playgroup.

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thank so much Di. You are my Aunty Di, right? Although I’m not sure why you are talking about a playgroup since my cousins (your children) are way over that period in their life.

      If you’re not my Aunty Di, then you have the exact same name as her and that’s kind of crazy! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting Di, Aunty Di, Diane. :)

      • Diane Reynoldson says

        Hehehe, I am your Aunty Di, Pen!!!!! – there is only one Aunty Di!, Now for my explanation of why I’m still playgrouping – at the C3 church I go to in South Hobart Tasmania we have Playgroup on Mon and Wed – I coordinate both the groups and turn up to support the Leaders – I love it! The littlies are so gorgeous and so are the Mums and Dads and Granmas and Pas. I miss cuddling your little ones though and seeing them grow up! You are doing an awesome job Pen – great website – I’m going to show the PG leaders it today. See you in Nov at the wedding.

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks so much Andy. I’m a visual person so I love images. Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting. I’m so glad you like them!

    • pawhitehouse says

      That’s the best part, especially for Miss Possum. She has her mother’s bad sporting body and so anything that help her skills in that area are great!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks Gracie. I love masking masks (can you tell?). I think I better try my hand at some other types of printables though. Any suggestions?


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