How to Make a Spider Web Obstacle Course

DIY Web obstacle Course

I know it seems obvious but it took me a while to realize that I had to go straight to the experts; I needed to learn from a spider.

After a few failed attempts at spinning a web from looking at spider webs in the backyard, I instead started from the beginning.  I watched multiple you tube clips and searched the internet for images that would fit the expectations in my head.  Miss Possum came along for the journey too. She does love spiders!

I finally found this excellent diagram that was very similar to what I wanted the obstacle course to be like. I love that it points out the parts of a spider web too, and I’ll be using these terms to explain how I made the course. Unfortunately I didn’t stick to this colour code though.

Parts of a spider web

Image from Brisbane Insects

You will need :

  • A lot of rope (we bought some rope for camping but we didn’t need all of it, so decided we could use some of it for the web.)
  • Two 1.5 meter stakes
  • One smaller stake, about 30cm long
  • Nails
  • Matches or lighter
  • Glue gun (affiliate)
  • Craft string

We knocked the two tall wooden stakes into the ground about 1.5 meters apart. We put the small stake into the ground in the middle of the two larger stakes.

Then, we started with the bridge thread and anchor threads (like the diagram above).  Ensure you burn off the ends of the rope or they’ll fray.

Spider web rope

We added more threads down the bottom to make the obstacle course. One reason we decided to make this obstacle course (other than learning about the world of spiders) was to encourage body awareness, so I wanted to make some spaces that were easy for Miss Possum to climb through without touching the web, and some areas harder.

We used nails to attach the rope to the stakes, but otherwise we just tied knots.

Next, I had to make something that would allow the radius lines to connect in the middle. So I made a rope circle to start the axillary spiral and that worked really well (see photos).

WEB OBSTACLE 3 (400x268)

web obstacle 4 (400x268)

I attached the radius threads to the rope circle using a glue gun.

 Making a web obstacle course (400x268)

I made another rope circle for the other side of the web too, to give it further support and make the web look good from both sides.

Now the fun starts. Just like a spider, we made the auxiliary spiral first (to support the web before starting the more intricate capture spiral). We glued the end of the rope to the auxiliary circle and then weaved the spiral through the radius threads. It held quite well at the start of the spiral but when you move outward, you’ll need to use the glue gun to secure it onto the radius threads.

Web obtsacle coursw


Make sure you increase the space between the auxiliary spirals as you move outward to give that spider web effect.

Web craft

Lastly (and probably the most time consuming) was making the capture spiral. I used craft string for this part and I also painted the string yellow using acrylic paint. I decided since I had different coloured string, I could make it a rainbow web.

We attached the string to the auxiliary circle (in the same way we made the auxiliary spiral) and started weaving though the radius threads. This time though, we kept the gap between the strings a similar length apart. So don’t make the gap wider.

Once you’ve run out of room to weave, you’re done.  Now for some spider web fun!

The spider web looks awesome at night with these solar dragon fly lights though them too!spider web

Next week I’ll be posting activities that you can do with the spider web obstacle course, plus a free fly/butterfly mask printable that was a hit with Miss Possum and the kids next door.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Building a spider web obstacle course may take a little more effort than most of the activities on this blog but it was well worth it and we are using it in more ways than one!

Do your children like spiders?

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  1. kirri says

    Brilliant! LOVE the way you are so dedicated to your passions. You really ‘walk the walk’ Pen and I just know that this is having a massive positive impact on your family!

    My girls are fascinated by ants and bugs but a little wary of spiders….and it doesn’t come from me – it’s the Canadian hubby who thinks every Aussie spider is up to treachery!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks lovely. This one took quite a lot of time (wait until you see the games to go along with it) but it was so worht it. I love looking out the window at our lrge spider web. So cool!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Oh and I think it’s a good thing to be wary of spiders. It’s natural to have a healthy respect for animals that can cause harm. As long as they don’t develop a huge fear from them then you’re doing great!

  2. Off the Couch Kids says

    What a fantastic idea Penny and so much time and work gone into it. Always love to check in and see what amazing idea you will come up with next!

  3. Debbie @ Aspiring Mum says

    This is so awesome! I am working on an area in our garden for our kids and they would love something like this….Hmmm – you’ve got me thinking now!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks Debbie. We have a pacth out the back that just doesn’t get used that much and that’s why I decided it was the perfect location for something like this. Plus, I can see it from our lounge room window and I think that’s pretty cool!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks Deb! Yeah, while surfing the net I just couldn’t find a decent one with a spider web in it. They all were just netting or overlapped rope. This one took a lot more time because I had to think about how to make it from scratch. Thank goondess for that image though. It was perfect!

    • pawhitehouse says

      I love what YOU do Janice. After our mini holiday this coming week, we’re getting into slime. I know the girls will LOVE it!

    • pawhitehouse says

      There’s so many people who are scared of spider. I think I’ll have to write a post on that one.

      I must say that after building a spider web myself, it has given me an even higher appreciation of spiders. I can’t believe they make one every night!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks so much Jode. It is a bit of effort but it was most certainly worth it. Next week (if I can figure out how to post from Moreton Island with out computer) I have three printables to go with this web obstacle course but the good thing is you can use them for other role play learning opportunities too. So, if you decide not do do that spider web it okay, I have something for your children anyway.

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks so much for the support Steph. I bet the boys would love it. You could add in a whole bunch of spider man activities too. That would be AWESOME! Miss Poss isn’t into spider man so we didn’t go down that road though (plus had to stick to wildlife lol)

    • pawhitehouse says

      Really? Do you have a backyard? I was under the impression you didn’t have a big one… Or maybe I’m putting stereotypes on Sydney houses. lol I’m certain the boys would love it!

  4. TJ says

    Awesome !!!!
    This is my first year homeschooling, I have 2 boys 4 & 6 so Kindergarten & Preschool & I want to do a study on spiders with them … I was searching for idea’s to make a web so we can do a study on spiders. I am SO excited I found this !!!! PERFECT !!!! I can’t wait to see the activities you post about.
    I already have so many idea’s running around in my head.
    My boys are going to love this !!!!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Wow, congratualtions on taking the step to homeschool! I think you’re amazing already! If I didn’t do my teaching prac at the school I’m sending Miss Poss to, I’d me considering it myself.

      I’m so glad you found this post! That’s one reason I made it a big one because I just couldn’t find a good spider web obstacle course out there. Thank so much for dropping by TJ!

  5. says

    Just letting you know I’m featuring this post on this week’s Tuesday Tots post on Learn with Play at home. Thanks for linking up :)


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