Three Simple Ways Drinking Tap Can Help Save Wildlife

Tap WaterToday I want to show you a way you can help wildlife and save money, with just one simple change. Don’t believe me? Here’s all you need to do:

 Take a water bottle with you rather than pay for bottled water. See? Easy!


1.       You’ll save wildlife

Yep, every bottle you choose NOT to buy will help the environment and wildlife. It is estimated that it takes over 500 years to completely break down one plastic bottle. If we make over 582 million litres of bottled water every year and we only recycle 36% of them … see the problem? Sadly, discarded plastic bottles are choking Australia and the world, with plastic bottles having found their way into every ecosystem, many ending up in our oceans. You’re considering your options now, aren’t you? Great!

no more water bottlesImage credit

2.        You’ll reduce landfill

Reducing landfill reduces greenhouse gases, which helps the Earth as a whole, including the wildlife that live here. But greenhouse gases from bottled water are not only produced from landfill. Producing and delivering a litre of bottled water can emit hundreds of times more greenhouse gases than a litre of tap water (Go Tap, June 2012). Are you starting to think about giving up the bottle? So am I!landfill

3.       Your money can be better spent

We spend over half a billion dollars a year on bottled water (Go Tap, June 2012). Why are we spending so much money on bottled water when we have a perfectly good supply of quality tap water here in Australia? It’s silly that we don’t use tap water. With all the money you can save, imagine how much you can help wildlife by donating to a chosen wildlife charity of your choice? You’ve decided to change to tap, good for you!

stop drinking from water bottles

Sydney Tap has started an initiative to help make tap water more readily available to the community. Their objective it to help the environment, to reduce the need to buy water in bottles, to encourage sustainability through using tap and to remind the community that tap water is much cheaper. Sounds like a good initiative to me. Fingers crossed this will eventually span the whole of Australia.

Support this fantastic idea by helping them design some water bottles that can be reused, over and over and over! Tell your sustainability story through designing a funky-looking water bottle. Your bottle may even be showcased at the Powerhouse museum!

To find out more about the competition, click here. What’s your sustainability story?

This is a RocketFuel sponsored post. See my disclosure guidelines here.

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  1. kirri says

    I can’t believe that this is still an issue in Australia! We have great tasting clean water – having travelled all over the world….I know how lucky we are and it annoys me that people still spend loads of money on bottled water and contributing waste….Pet peeve of mine sorry (in which case – a much needed blog-worthy topic!)

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks Kirri. It’s so true and I can see why you’re passionate about it. I only wrote some of the reasons why we should give up but there are so many more.

  2. Marcos T. Rodrigues says

    No one can deny the fact that everybody use bottled water for safety drink in many places in the world, and it is very alarming it’s contribution to our ecosystem….

    • pawhitehouse says

      I can understand why people do use bottled water overseas but perhaps there are ways of reducing our bottle water use over there too. Could we boil it perhaps? Either way Australians shouldn’t be doing it. There’s no need to.

  3. says

    Yup, we’re definitely very fortunate in this country where the drinking tap water is not only drinkable but it’s actually tastes good.
    There’s actual nutritional studies been done to say that bottled water isn’t necessarily “healthier” for us either.

    • pawhitehouse says

      See! I knew there were more reasons out there (non wildlife related) that would give us even more persuasion to make the change. One change, that’s all it takes to make a difference.

  4. Kate @ Back to Basics Tuition says

    Im so all for this. I shudder at the images of the rubbish in our ocean and waterways. It’s truly horrendous.

    • pawhitehouse says

      It is. Imagine all the marine life we’re killing. Or, something closer to home – imagine if we are eating fish and marine animals leached with chemicals because of our laziness!

  5. says

    What a great initiative and a fantastic blog post. I use a Bobble water bottle which has an inbuilt filter and just refill it wherever I am. Too easy!

    • Penny says

      Thanks Rebecca. I was so surprised that so many people are actually drinking tap already. It’s just wonderful! Hopefully together we can make a dent in the environmental impact of water bottles!

  6. says

    Great post! Taking a bottle is simple and easy, but effective. It’s just changing our habits.
    With bottled water being between 1000 and 5000 times as much as tap water it’s a bit like pay $10,000 for a sandwich!

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