Camping to Get Closer to Nature

camping with kidsIf I told you that I went camping with three children under four, would you think I was crazy?  Ok…maybe don’t answer that! But, it happened and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

It’s so easy to get absorbed in a technologically driven world of computers, television, and smart-phones.

We’re so accustomed to being connected and so unaccustomed to recharging our own batteries.

One fabulous solution is to take a Camping trip!

Camping takes you away from the hyper-stimulation of technology and provides an environment that insists you get back to the basics. Without all the external distractions you have no choice but to slow down and become more focused on your surroundings.

Instead of looking at the television, checking Facebook or downloading apps, you’re looking at a tree, a beautiful wild flower or some majestic parrot flying overhead.

What more could you ask for? What more could your children ask for?

Getting away from the confines of the concrete jungle brings you closer to nature, and in direct contact with the sounds and habits of wild-life.

Imagine going to sleep hearing possums frolicking and fighting in the distance, bats chatting to each other while gorging on native fruits, crickets chirping and frogs croaking. It really is beautiful.wildlife exploringHave I convinced you yet?  Great! So glad I have.

Here are a few points to ensure your camping trip is also a memorable wild life experience:

  1. Go Spotlighting
  2. Get up early to scout for wildlife
  3. Go hunting for tracks and scats (poo)
  4. Bring binoculars
  5. Don’t forget your camera

Finally, accept the fact that you might get dirty, it may be a little chilly and there will be a long walk to the toilet!

If you’re still not convinced; check out some of the photos we took on our most recent camping adventure.


Cicadacamping fun Looking for birds with kids Australian Kookaburra

wildlife activities

I grew up camping every holiday with my family and it’s now in my blood. Thank goodness my parents introduced me to it while I was young and I learnt how good it is for your soul. Now my children will grow up in nature too! This is just the beginning.

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  1. kirri says

    Awesome post Penny. Camping is something we used to do as a family when I was a kid too and the memories are priceless. I had put it off in the past, thinking my kids are too little but look at you – taking babies on a camping trip – that’s amazing and by the look of the photos, pretty special.
    I really want to do this as a family this year….just have to convince the hubby to take some damn time off work!!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Yes! You can come camping with us. It would be so much fun. We’ll talk about it on the plant. 😉

    • pawhitehouse says

      Yes! You can come camping with us. It would be so much fun. We’ll talk about it on the plane. 😉

  2. says

    Aw, Penny-licious ! You’ve done it again ! You’ve inspired me to take my family camping. Mr Surfer and I loved camping pre-twinlets. (Our first Mini Break together was a camping trip…peeing outside the tent and everything…). You’ve shown me that it’s never too young to take our children camping. Can’t wait !

    • pawhitehouse says

      Oh Gracie, the boys will love it. There are the the walking really well stage now too so you can go spotlighting together. It might be a little hard to keep them quiet though.

  3. Susan Stephenson says

    Magic moments that make lasting memories for kids – and so many opportunities for the “real” learning. Can you identify the parrot in the top pic for me?

  4. pawhitehouse says

    It’s an eastern rosella. I handraised four of those lil guys a long while back. Thye are stunning birds!

  5. says

    Looks good, but still not convinced! Actually was talking to The Man about this a few weeks ago, and camping is definitely something we know we should do with the cherubs. Deep breath…

    • pawhitehouse says

      The hardest part is getting there and doing it. Once you’ve done it you’ll be so glad you did!

  6. Caden says

    Nice pictures. It is essential for children to give them free air for sometimes. Its help to grow up them.
    But don’t we need to protect them from toxic thing ?

    Good job,

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks Julie. We all had a blast. Miss Possum keeps asking when we are going again. I think the next trip will be easter.

  7. pawhitehouse says

    Snakes are one of your least concerns. I didn’t see one on our camping trip ( I would have loved to though). Most snakes will slither away from you before you see them because we make big vibrations with our feet when we walk and it frightens them away. Most people that get bitten are trying to pick the snake up or trying to kill it. You’re not going to do that are you? Then you should be fine!

    Can’t help with the storms though. I can’t control the weather. My suggestions though is to keep and eye on the reports. Are you scared of storms?

  8. Franny says

    Ahh what a lovely idea.. looks like you had some great time there :) Wish we could do the same would be so awesome!

  9. Zach Ball says

    I bet you have a ton of wonderful memories with your kids. I have never even thought about going spotlighting! What a great idea. This time next year I plan on having a lot more memories with my kids too!

  10. Andrew Stegger says

    That was a reall awesome adventure you guys had. And the kid is courageous enough to hold that insect in hand. Mine will be screaming and jumping before he even touches. I am looking forward to a moment like that really soon.


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