Wildlife Footprint Fun in Five Ways

Children love finding and guessing animal footprints. When you hunt for them you can’t always find them either, especially if you live in the city.  So, I’ve made you five footprint printables with some suggested activities below.

To download the footprints, click on animal name.

   Bear          Duck         Koala        Snake         Frog

Snake Tracks Koala footprints Frog Footprints Duck footprints Bear Footprints


1.     Footprint Tracking game

Place one set of animal footprints, in a trail like manner around your yard or house. The children have to guess what the animal is by identifying its footprints.  Place little clues through the trail for younger children. At the end of the trail put a picture of the animal.


Clue One

Clue two



Picture of a pond


A jar of honey

Picture of a cave


Picture of flies

Picture of a pond


Gum leaf

Grey fur picture


Picture of a rat

Picture of scales or a snake skin


2.      Use the footprints to announce a surprise

 Like activity one, trail the prints around the house and have the surprise at the end.



Clue at the end of the trail


Going to the park

Gourmet duck food


Teddy bear picnic

Teddy bear picnic


Going to hunt for tadpoles

A small fish net


Going on bush walk- spotlighting

Boots and a camera or a torch



All the animals

We are going to the zoo

Zoo tickets


3.      Guess the animal

Print off pictures of each animal (the internet has plenty) and help your child match them with their footprints. When finding pictures,  try to get the animal’s foot in the photo to help your child work out the correct footprint match.matching foot prints


4.      Use the footprint as a template to make look-alike dirt prints

We used the sand pit to make our prints.

 Snake footprint

5.      Use the prints for party decorations and activities 

Animal Footprints

animal party games


Make sure you keep your animal foot prints in an envelope so you can use them again and again! Have you found any animal prints lately?


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  1. kirri says

    Penny…You never fail to amaze me with your genius ideas for including animals/wild-life in everyday activity and play. Great post and fabulous resources!

  2. says

    We have a lot of frog prints around our house at the moment and the snakes (tiger) are loving this! They have been spotted by several neighbours but thankfully I haven’t seen any snake prints yet.
    I totally love these prints and will be printing them off to add to my resources collection…..thank you so much Penny! x

  3. Nicole Schuman says

    This is so fun! Two thumbs up for you because you manage to think about these ideas. Very helpful for the kids specially those toddlers. Great job!

  4. Evert R. says

    Cool very exciting game for children. I must try this with my kids. Do you still have more of these games?

    Thanks for sharing them here!


  5. Brenda W. Scott says

    This is cool! Downloadable and printable animal footprints and activities for the kids. Thanks for sharing this.. Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Ms.Amber says

    I love the cute Koala foot print! :) Thanks for this printable footprint.. My kids will surely love playing this game..

  7. says

    This looks like so much fun, thanks for the ideas and actually doing all the work for all the lazy parents out there and creating the footprints sheets!

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