Frog Egg Fun

frog egg craftEver wondered how to make pretend frog eggs?

Ha! Probably not!

We stumbled on this activity one day when Miss Possum kept pointing the bubble machine in the one place. Looks just like frog eggs, don’t you think? It was a good tool to help explain that  not all eggs look the same.

We put some tap water in a bowl and coloured it green with food dye. Then we pointed the bubble machine at the water in the bowl. Easy!

real frog eggs
Frog egg craft (335x500) make frog eggs

Learn all about the life cycle of a frog by watching this you tube clip.

We also had the opportunity to raise tadpoles into fine young frogs. This frog egg fun would have gone very well with that activity too!

More frog fun

Frog Mask

Cool Frog Facts

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  1. Kellie @ Three Li'l Princesses says

    Oh, I like this idea. Ella here is saying “can we do that now, Mum. Pleeeaassse!” :)

    • pawhitehouse says

      I hope you have a bubble machine Kellie. I just dyed a big bowl of water green to make it look like a pond.

  2. says

    Fantastic idea and teaching tool! Roo is sitting with me as I go through the WW posts (she likes the photos) and is currently giving me a run for my money cos she wants to see the “fwog” again! She loves your site!

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks so much Daisy. You made my day! I love to hear when children like my activities. It means I’m on the right track of ‘fun’ for kids.

    • pawhitehouse says

      You want to eat bubbles? Meh, I can’t blame you. I loved eating bath bubbles when I was a kid. Delish!

  3. says

    We don’t have a bubble machine, but a hand mixer in a bowl of coloured detergent is very popular! Looks like you had lots of fun.

    • pawhitehouse says

      Thanks Deb! That’s a perfect tip for people who don’t have a bubble machine. We didn’t have one until my Aunty gave Miss Possum this as a present. I’d prefer to make bubbles the old fashioned way.

  4. Trish says

    Well now I want a bubble machine. And I don’t even have kids! Haha. But I bet the dog and the cats would get a kick out of me shooting bubbles at them. Right?

    • pawhitehouse says

      That would be a fantastic enrichment activity for them. It however, depends on whether they like to chase bubbles or they are scared of them.


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