Nature Weaving Frames

Nature Weaving Frames

I've been inspired to make a shoelace thread frame I saw on Pinterest a couple of months ago and I finally made a couple for my children.  I had something very different in mind for ours though. We used them to weave nature! What you'll need to make the frames Wooden photo … [Read More...]

Wildlife Holiday

Tips for Planning a Wildlife Holiday Overseas

This post is sponsored. Have you ever dreamt of seeing a pride of lions strolling across the plains with your own eyes? Or wondered what it would be like to hand-feed a monkey? We explore nature and wildlife around our home and local area a lot, but one of my dreams is to explore nature and … [Read More...]

Animal Themed party

Snail Scroll Snack

  It's been ages since I've made creatures in the kitchen so yesterday I decided to get a little creative. I was inspired by some animal themed food creations that I've seen on Pinterest. There really is so much fun you can do with kids in the kitchen. I made scrolls for lunch and it was the … [Read More...]

Mud Activities

Making Mud Stew

Have your children ever had a mud kitchen? I haven't made one for my girls but to be honest we haven't really needed one yet. One of their favourite activities is to make mud stew or mud potions. … [Read More...]

Bread Clip Snake

Snake Craft using Plastic Bread Clips

We've been collecting plastic bread clips for weeks and wondering what to do with them. When Miss Possum suggested we use them as scales for a snake craft,  I was stunned.  I couldn't have thought up … [Read More...]

Shell snails

Fun with Playdough and Shells

When sitting down with my girls and some playdough, I never thought that adding shells to our play would inspire interesting questions and creations. It was a perfect activity that paired playful fun … [Read More...]

Cutting Patterns in Feathers

Cutting Patterns in Feathers

  When we're out, my children love to collect special pieces they find in nature. They especially enjoy collecting feathers.  I add to their assortment of feathers too by bringing more home from work … [Read More...]

Environment Poster

Save the Environment Poster

I love reading articles that help me become the green-living person I aim to be.  I want to keep a healthy environment  for my children but when I look at the road ahead my passionate personality can … [Read More...]

Nature accesories

Easy Nature Hair Piece

This nature craft takes me back to my childhood. When I was young, I used to make this exact nature piece in the school yard but mine became a brooch. The girls and I decided to glam it up and make … [Read More...]