Cute Turtle Craft

Easy Turtle Craft for Kids

If your child loves turtles, this craft is for them. It's super easy to prepare and it gets your child's creativity flowing. We've been drawing all types of turtles using a simple home-made stamp. It's amazing how many unique and interesting turtles you can make! What you'll … [Read More...]

Painting Mushrooms

Make a Mushroom Stamp

I hate wasting food. When we have left overs, which is pretty rare now, I tend to use them in our play or chuck them in our worm farm. When the worm farm gets too full, sometimes I let my children paint with the fruits and vegetables. Here's a fun and educational activity you should try if you have … [Read More...]

Litter Free Living

Lunch Box Scavenger Hunt & Litter Free Living

This is a sponsored post Do you ever cringe at the amount of glad wrap you use while making school lunches? Would it make it worse if I told you that a school of 500 kids produces 15 tonnes of rubbish each year from lunch boxes alone? Don’t worry, I’m not here to make you feel bad. In fact, with … [Read More...]

Wood Shaving Crafts for Kids

Wood Shaving Crafts

You might have sharpened a pencil and, without a thought, thrown those pencil shavings in the bin. Or perhaps, like me,  you and your children were sharpening sticks the other day and you thought that … [Read More...]