How to create a Nature Craft Play Space

How to Create a Nature Craft Play Space

I wish I had a picture of the mess this Nature Craft Play Space was a month ago. My poor husband was utterly fed up with bits and bobs of nature being strung around on top of his outdoor bar. Anyway, I finally got my act together and put our nature and crafting accessories in an organised … [Read More...]

DIY Kangaroo and Koala Paper Plate Costume

Koala and Kangaroo Paper Plate Costumes

When those cute marsupials become the big thing in your household, why not make a paper plate koala or kangaroo costume. Not only are they easy to make but you could use this tutorial to make any marsupial. It's a perfect opportunity to learn about pouched animals! What you'll need: Two paper … [Read More...]

Playdough outside

Playing with Play Dough in Nature

I don't need to tell you how versatile play dough is. Most parents have experienced using it as a child and then let their children have the same chance to mold it and squeeze it through their fingers too. Have you taken play dough out in nature though? I hadn't thought about taking play dough … [Read More...]

DIY hair Feathers

DIY Feather Hair Extension Accessory

At the markets, we've seen feathers being added to the hair of people from all ages, both male and female. They are becoming a really popular hair accessory. They look so perfectly earthy I couldn't … [Read More...]

Spider Craft

Simple Spider Craft Idea

We like spiders, we don't even mind them in our house. Only the other day I had to remind Miss Panda that, yes we like spiders but that doesn't mean we should touch them. A momentary lapse of spider … [Read More...]